Greetings all and a question from a new member


<p>I loved fighters back in the Snes days and have decided its time to get back into them.I have already bought the beautiful SF x Tekken TE and just love owning it.Its like having a coin op at home lol.</p><p>My question is what are the most played fighters on Xbox live.</p>


Capcom fighters I’d wager. UMvC3, SSF4AE, and SFxT.<br>


Ganna be hard to go wrong here, play something you enjoy. There are tons of good fighters out there. But I would say airlancer is spot on.<br>


Tekken Tag 2 has a bunch, if you’re into 3d fighters.


Arcade Edition and UMVC3 are probably at the top, but you shouldn’t base what game you want to play off of how big of a fanbase it has. Play what you like. 


<p>Thanks for the advice people,Im going to pick up SF4 AE tomorow if the shop has a copy.Appropriate since I spent so much time playing</p><p>SF 2 turbo back in the day.</p>