Greetings From a Newbie

Hello everyone. I’m a Chinese player and recently I’ve heard that there’s such a place talking about SF33.
Since I really love this game, and, trying to improve my English skill I decide to join this forum.
Could anyone tell me what I should do as a newbie?

Choose a character.

Don’t worry because all the Chinese characters are good in this game!

I don’t think I’d be worrying for it because I’m a Ryu player already, simply because of playing Ryu since the SFII series.
But anyhow, thanks.

你好! 我是中文的学生和3rdStrike老师!


My Chinese isn’t very good but if you feel more comfortable writing something you can’t readily say in English, feel free to try the Chinese variant and I and, other, Chinese players will be happy to oblige. I am not Chinese, btw, so some metaphor may escape me. I know for a fact that @cong and @wuziq are chinese, though.

Welcome! For 3s you really just need to pick a character, let us know what you use to practice(OE, GGPO, Arcade) and just talk. A lot. We all love 3rd strike here. If you are on 3rd Strike Online Edition or GGPO for PC, you can arrange for some matches with the members here.

And WTF-AKUMA-HAX is right, the Chinese players tend to be really good at this game. Yi Wang happens to be Chinese and the number 1 Ken player in the United States. Tenren, also Chinese, has the best Ibuki. There are more, but they are the only ones that come to mind.

edit: I just read back again, he said characters. He is right about that. Yun, Yang and Chun Li are some of the better characters in the game. I don’t know why I read that as players. lol.

I think WTF-AKUMA-HAX meant the characters themselves (Chun, Yun, Yang), and he’s still right. China is OP in 3s.

Dander played at AI for so long, he might as well be a chinese 3s player

find people to play either online or offline.

KOF is always popular on ggpo.
lots of chinese players, maybe you can recruit some to become 3S players!

there is a place where all the chinese sf33 players play called SupArc…you should check it out…
do you have any favorite japanese players? do you know that the japanese are supposedly the best players of 3rd strike?

Try not to limit yourself to just the Chinese players. While some are really good, I don’t want you to get the general impression that you should only play with players of your same race. Such a statement would be disgraceful. If anything learn from all the players and ask the Chinese players for help when you aren’t understanding something the non-Chinese players say/think/do.

Don’t want you to think that 3s players see it as a race game, though many do. This 3s players doesn’t see it that way.

I played there as long as I’ve played at FFA. If anything, I went to FFA more than AI, you goof.

ha god I can’t imagine limiting myself to only playing fellow crackers… Renic, Red Venom, NG Marc… FUCK!!

but I do secretly root for them :karate: retsu go white people!! :karate:

we did do a world war tournament at denjin once to see who the strongest race in 3s was. China won :arazz:

america looked the sickest tho

Is Urien a Mexican black dude?

Can you tell me what the symbols on my avatar say?

Lol. It’s so whiteboy of ng to have the collar sticking out and his shirt tucked in. Love ng.

Oh my, your Chinese was quite well, at least among those penfriends I have.

SO there are other Chinese players on this website? I wonder whether I will recognize them if they were SupARC players.

I’ve been a RYU player ever since my expereince of playing SSFII Turbo on SNES, and it was Umehara Daigo’s achievements ensured me to play with it. You may found out I was dissapointed when I heard of him playing as Ken later in SF3s…

Well I treid to be on GGPO, yet I failded to log in, and it has been a problem ever since. So I could only play on SupARC.

It’s 武当休闲山庄 (The translation would be Wudang leisure Villa), your avatar was showing the middle four letters of these “symbols”…
By the way the website was a BBS in China, where your avatar was an old logo of it.
Hope that helps you.

I was an old player of it, but when I was 14 I went to senior high and gave up it. Now I’ve forgotten the passwords and created a new account to be playing with my friends.

That’s why he has a game pretty much named after him

‘Dander Ken’
anagrams to
’Naked Nerd’

Dander Ken is the #1 anagram.

Wow that’s cool…whats your username on there? i would like to come and view some of your matches :slight_smile:

welcome to the 3S subforum here on SRK.

any questions about the game just ask me I know everything


I’m sorry that it seems I have little time to play recently, for I have to prepare for my college entrance exam. You know how hard this is in China…
And by the way, I was still a newbie for lack of playing and training. but that’ll be fine for I play it for fun instead of race.