Greetings from Lucarita26

Hey hello and welcome to my greeting message, Lucarita26 here and nice to meet you here around on Shroyuken website. I love RPG games a lot and playing the mostly those game series like Final fantasy, Star ocean, Pokémon, Digimon and other great story telling RPG games. I also like other games outside RPG genres like the fighting, adventure and racing (also karting) games alot. I playing mostly Dragonball Z, Street fighter and Soul calibur the mostly on the fighting games. By the adventure games I like the game series like Legend of Zelda, Super mario and Digimon games. I like the racing and karting games like Mario kart, Gran turismo, Need for speed and Ridge racer games. I love to making friends and chatting with them about games, still working to become the ultimate gaming reporter ever you can see on the world dear gamers!

Hi…no one here cares about your profile. This is a section to ask any general questions about fighting games.

If you have a question about fighting games…simply ask.

Welcome to SRK. We don’t really do introductions here, the site is simply too big.

The newbie dojo is intended to be a place to help players new to fighting games ask questions to help improve their gameplay or learn about the fighting game community. If you have any questions, by all means post them up. Just read the stickies first.