Greetings from Sweden!

Hello everyone!

Im brand spanking new to these forums(albeit i have been lurking since forever)

I have recently decided to take this fighting game thingy one step further.
I no longer want to be a scrub so i will practice like crazy!

i have managed to get my hands on a madcatz SF4 Tournament edition stick round 2 (?)
but i have no idea if thats a good starting stick…

also feel free to drop by my blog if your intressed in my progress as a player.

Anyhow, i just wanted to drop in and say hi

Will track your blog as I am also a really really new player looking to make the same journey :smiley: (out of the last 2.5 days I’ve spent 24 total hours on AE PC version)

Also, about your TE, that’s more than a solid beginner stick, and possibly* the best stick you can get without buying a custom made. You made a great decision by picking that up, and it will more than suit you at a competitive level.

Hi there and thanks for noticing me :smiley:

Its wonderfull to hear that you have choosen the same path as me! (The going pro one)
So how is the training coming along? I myself has only managed to put in 10 hours in the last 2 days and to be honest ,
that time has mainly been spent getting used to the stick xD (Ultras and such fun)

Oh and thanks for checking out my blog.
I plan to have it updated daily with topics probably improving at the same rate as my game does xD

Next topic might be about the choices of grips avalibe as a stick-gamer, would that be intresting?

welcome to SRK & yes the TE is more than an adequate joystick.
Did you get that thing I sent you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, cool cool :slight_smile:
I’ve been studying replays like crazy, seeing what other Cody’s and Juri’s do in what situations, etc, and getting as much play as possible in ranked whenever I can, I’ve also been doing lots of challenge mode trials for all sorts of different characters :wink: I should try and keep a journal of this too xD

Lol i hear you bro, i have like a million post-it notes with helpfull little hints here xD
some of those challenge modes are just straight up whack!

Yeah thanks alot!
That will be very helpfull :slight_smile: