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Hey, just wanted to let everyone know that we are currently in discussion with Mayflash.Ltd to provide custom arcade joysticks to the community with only the best parts! We are going to be offering two versions of the joystick when we launch, one with a Seimitsu LS-32 and the other with a Sanwa JLF. Joysticks are going to be using OBSF-30 buttons, and will be available for PS2/PS3/PC systems initially. Joysticks will have turbo funtions if you’re in to that sort of thing. We have not worked out the price point for them, but we a shooting for something that is going to be very afforable to the community. We are currently trying to obtain some custom box art for the joysticks. If anyone would like to donate some original art that would make it on a couple dozen boxes PM me!
Thanks from Jason @!


So you again.
This time you not come here and pretend you found a place to buy and ask us if is good place.

Last time you disguised your business as just some website you found, and that you will buy from Sanwa Parts USA to "try out."
You even provided pictures of items that were “shipped” to you.
found a website that says they have sanwa joystick for sale

It is cool you are having work with Mayflash though.
But what happened before was not cool.


2009 users can sell?


After six months have passed they can.

January gets to sell in July.
February gets to sell in August.
March gets to sell in September.
April gets to sell in October.
May gets to sell in November.
June gets to sell in December.
July gets to sell in January.
August gets to sell in February.
September gets to sell in March.
October gets to sell in April.
November gets to sell in May.
December gets to sell in June.


I would like to apologize for the earlier posts, i started a small operation from the information i found on shoryuken. I respect the community here, and shouldve waited to advertise sanwaparts instead of jumping the gun like that. I saw it as an early oppertunity to advertise our grand opening, but shouldve waited the 6 months like everyone else. I can address what happen last time through PM, and now i would like to offer the best support to the community and options they cant get anywhere else. I hope that people will see that i have a track record of selling online for almost half a decade with a 100% feedback.


jdm is so pringles (anal about 6 month wait) :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m glad you pointed it out to the 2009 user. This should clarify things if any questions arise.
I’d rep ya, but I’m no premo no more. :smiley:
and for sanwapartsusa, socks?
wow. good example from your business practices.


Or, ya know, not lied.


so is your site any good? If someone here can respond to this I would appreciated it.


I bet the address will never update. Because the business doesn’t exist.


I assure you we are very good about shipping. I would hope a past customer would be able to vouch for us. Most of our visitors came from search engine hits from yahoo / google and some from cag. But very little traffic has came from srk in the past 2 months so its difficult to determin if members of this website purchased from us. The only voucher I can offer at this time is my feedback rating of ebay. I will be careful not to spam any ongoing auctions: . As far as our current address, we moved and are still in the process of obtaining a private address.


He was shady before but now everything’s cool, he’s totally trustworthy and legit!



ban this scammer.


Damn dude, excellent Recon. Reading that thread just left a bad taste in my mouth with this guy. It takes a certain mindset to go through such methods of deceit. And if he’s ok with lying the first time (and going to those extremes) I don’t see him having any problems lying again if the situation calls for it. Such people I would never do business with.


True that. It’s one thing to take an “opportunity” to advertise… but to blatantly Deceive people? That’s something completely different.


I’m lost and confused…someone wanna explain what’s going on?


OP is a probable scammer wanting to “sell” “items” in the wrong part of the forum. he was caught instantly a few months ago, and now, after his heart felt apology, wants us to take him back with open wallets.

datdude916: i’ll buy some parts off you, but you gotta:

  1. prove you got stock (take a picture with your name on a piece of paper on it)
  2. give a discount. probably the only way you’re going to get a sale here. i’ll take the plunge and buy 2 sticks off you, but i want 2 for 1.


I have offered up my sincerest apologies for the earlier posts and again, i will be more then happy to discuss it in PM form. I know from the opening period some people have doubts about us, but SanwapartsUSA has never scammed anyone out of money for any items and not delieved a super fast package. Again, we are sorry, and know it was a bad decision to circumvent advertising rules here by advertising in the mannor in the previous posts. Though this is no excuse, during our grand opening we had a very large supply of JLF joysticks, and no one knew we existed. We were sitting on a pile of inventory at the peak of demand from the market and needed to get our names out there for people to know. We have learned from this huge mistake and hope that you can look past this, and hopefully order from us. If you cannot, we understand and hopefully the community will continue to support us and vouch for service @ SanwaPartsUSA.


sanwapartsusa has been around for a while, so this “grand opening” is just wrong. someone (probably the same guy) came to SRK a while back and attempted to ask people about the site and if they were legit and all that. He then claimed to have ordered from them and received the product he ordered.

He forgot that the email address he signed up on the forums with was the same one to contact someone at sanwapartsusa… see jdm’s post for the link to the old thread.

basically he’s attempting once again to deceive people as far as i can tell, which is quite dishonest, and will earn him no business from me


So you are in the process of moving into a new place of business? Why not give us here your CURRENT business address, and have someone check it out? also feel free to provide a phone number so people can call and check it out


Why PM? If you want ppl to accept your previous deceit, you should openly discuss it with everyone here. The problem most of us have is you guys were able to come up with such a deceitful plan to begin with. That says a lot about the kind of people you are. Truly honest business people would NEVER have contemplated using such tactics to gain business.

Having an overstock is still no excuse to do what you have done. It just shows that, perhaps out of desperation, you decided it necessary to con your way to extra business. That just means you’re capable of doing it again should you find yourself in a desperate situation again.

But you did do one thing, and you certainly got your name out… in a negative manner.

In any case, don’t expect people to just easily accept your apology and jump into your shopping cart. It’ll take a quite a bit for you to regain people’s trust.