Gripping a balltop. (Left Handed)


I have been using a Sanwa stick since January, and play as if I’m right handed. This is comfortable for me, but I struggle doing motions towards the left side. My hand actually feels weak. I get the feeling similar to going into muscle failure while working out. I hold the joystick between my thumb and index finger and have experimented with these grips…

I get the same results from these grips.

This problem became noticeable while trying to preform FADC into ultra with Sagat.

Any suggestions on grip? Or do I have a weak ass girly pussy faggoty grip.

Love Russell


grip should be user preference, just make sure that you have full control of it at all times.

January is only 2 months. By half the year you should be fine, just keep practicing.


ive seen people play with their hands crossed… duno how comfortable but it seems to work

maybe you can have someone build you a left handed stick


that is funny because i was thinking about doing that about a week ago as kind of a goof, but i also believe it would become a standard for some. just good luck getting used to that then switching to an actual arcade set up…


I just think you have to get used to the motions and they wont feel so weak. After awhile they become muscle memory. I am left-handed and only began joysticking recently and now I’m completely used to it.
I actually don’t get why some left handed people can’t use a stick with their left. It seems as if they would have more control with their prominent hand.


I’m left handed and have been using joysticks for years in arcades. I can do quarter and half circle motions down to left all day long, but down to right I still run in to issues… gotta practice more but for sure after 2 months you’ll still be getting your feet wet. First find a hold that works for you, whatever that may be make sure it’s comfortable for you.