Groove/Ism Bars

Anyone have P&K Groove bars full and animated as well as V/A/X-ism bars (same). Thx in advance.

The CVS2 Bars are in one of the stickies in this forum section. The other bars, good luck with those.

I’ll make the A3 ones in a few minutes.

Here’s the A3 bars.

Here’s some more random super bars:

Street Fighter Alpha

Street Fighter Alpha 2

Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix (Puzzle Fighter)

Samurai Shodown 3

Samurai Shodown 4

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo

Vampire Savior

X-Men: Children of the Atom

Added some SFA2 and SS3

superb job. Man just look at some of those meters… Some of those were hot!

Some one needs to post up the CvS2 ones that are missing from the sticky. People ask for the full (raged) K Groove meter a lot.


I’ll put these in the sticky tomorrow unless Rei or rook beats me to it. Those meddling bastards.

I feel like a Scooby-Doo character now :rofl:

Xeno you are very hot right now… ur going in my sig. Thnx for those bars i needed them.

Thx for your help guys :rock:

Hey Xenozip you think you can rip a max P=Groove meter?

Does anyone have the flashing K Groove bar?