Groove on Fight Thread

I love Groove on Fight and don’t really care for the others.

Anyone else play this game ever?

I played it once or twice.

But I can’t contribute anything more than that to the thread.
The style of the character artwork is nice.

Use the search button.
GoF Thread

It as DEAD.

No need to look at the past.

Yeah ignore the thread with combos etc. just create a new thread with a one liner.

GTFO idiot 8D

Yeah, that’s the spirit.

EDIT: Fine delete this one and I’ll just bump the other one.

There’s a new fighter to discover everyday o.o
How come I never heard of this?

Probably because it was only released in Japan and Power Instinct is not popular outside of Japan. It just is no Street Fighter or King of Fighters. :stuck_out_tongue:
But that does not make it a bad game.