Groove Popularity: Least Favorites

Time for an up to date groove popularity (or lack thereof) poll. Which groove is your least favorite. Not which one sucks the most, but which one do you dislike the most?

S groove.

That groove is fuckin useless, I dont care what you all say, but that groove fuckin blows.

P-Groove… there’s two ways to play it, abuse the parries and turtle or get your ass kicked because it can’t build meter worth crap.

I voted for S groove, it sucks balls, pretty useless and cheap overall.

I would vote for N-Groove, even though I have nothing against it… but I can’t vote, my “session appears to be invalid.”

jesus people, it’s on popularity, not effectiveness. A-groove is ridiculously effective, and a good S-groove player (ie Peachy) is a viable contender against anybody.

i voted S, and i think P could be a close second.

So you voted S-Groove as your the groove you dislike the most while saying its a viable contender against anybody? Explain please?

first off, i never said i dislike S groove anywhere in that post. i actually play an S groove team sometimes. i’m just saying that based on popularity (aka how many people use it, since the thread says “Groove Popularity,” not most disliked groove), S is the least popular.

I posted C-Groove. It is just extremely mainstream.

Nah, don’t give a damn what other people think, what groove do YOU dislike the most?

shit question

dislike personally - ie the groove you least like playing?


groove u think is the lamest? ie K groove rewards getting hit with a super with raging you…so u can get off a super combo, get hit by one then hit the other person again and rounds over. silly groove. Rewrds shitness. If JDs boosted metre more and getting hit boosted it less then it would be OK - the concept is good but flawed. That said, I am more than willing to abuse K groove :cool:

Thus because of the unclarity of the question I voted for K because I dislike the groove as opposed to dislike playing it (that would undoubtebly go to S-groove, even though I do see the merits of it and m greatly impressed by players like Peachy and Dr.B who actually use it well)

in that case, i hate K groove also. but i play A-groove mostly, so i can do guardbreak CC’s and once my CC’s do hit, their rage bar is half way depleted by the time i finish my combo, then i just runaway/turtle for the rest. and it has the poor-man’s parry (JD).

C-Groove is N-Groove without as many options, what a waste. I vote C-Groove as my least favorite.

Your favorite groove?

Lol… Why would you ask about the groove you dislike? Try asking what groove you like instead.

Nevertheless, I voted S Groove because it really bites. You have to have a short life gauge to do a level three super. It’s really weird to dodge for me… (I was used to rolling because I also played CvS1 a lot before).

Although this Groove has some advantages. Like doing unlimited Level 1 supers when life bar is color red or doing dodge attacks.

C Groove because thats all anyone ever plays on xbl.

Your favorite groove?

But that’s an extremely lame and easy question, because basically everyone plays CAK, with a little PSN on the side. So theoretically, your topic idea is even worse. Even if it was good, maybe I’m curious about what people dislike, if you got a problem with that then whatever, it isn’t my problem.

I still vote N-Groove, but I still can’t vote, so whatever.

Least favorites: A, P and S grooves