Ground breaking ChunLi technique AFAIK

Okay and feel free to flame me if I’m wrong but I’ve been working on a new ChunLi technique that at least to my knowledge I’ve never seen done or spoken of.

I can get it about 1 out of 20 tries so far and was planning on holding out till I had it mastered but I’m sure someone with better stick handling than myself can master it quicker hopefully Ill still get credit for it.

You have Karathrow
You have Karapalm
You have Karathis and Karathat
now I present you with:

KaraLightning - particularly kara EX lightning

So far and my technique is obviously not solid since I can’t get it 100% but what I do is just get my EX Lightning ready and then on the next one tap MK followed immediately by LK+RH

Obviously some people will ask - whats the point. I think this has countless applications and wonder why its never been done before.

Is it just because of how hard it will be to master? Perhaps I’m wrong and this has been done before? What’s the deal?

what’s the point?

hmmm well only use for this i see would be for some dope combos… which is the kind of chun li we all like to see :stuck_out_tongue:

air to air head stomp, j. d+fierce, land, cr. jab reset, kara rh legs to cross under, link to SA2 !!!

or: SA2, sj cancel last hit, j. short, kara legs to cross under.

not sure if the kara would switch directions to hit from behind… but it should i think.

It’s nice to know ppl are experimenting with every possibility in the game, making sure there is allways room for innovation.

However… I can’t fathom any practical usage for this where she doesn’t allready have options that are at least 10x easier and just as effective. But as you may have guessed, this conclusion is based off of several seconds of thought… so proove me wrong, guy.