Ground cross up light tatsu hit confirm?

I was in training mode against Ryu and I tried a forward throw on him, dashed once, walked up just a little, light tatsu which hit him on the other side and I was able to link it into SA3. Can someone confirm this for me? Is this common knowledge? Is it reliable? I think this would be a really sweet mixup.

…wow, that’s actually news to me. Sounds like it should work, but what if Ryu tech rolls?

I havnt tried that, but I dont think it would work.

I tried it about fifty times and it combo’d once. I think it can cancel but not link. It’s a nice gimmick if it works, but the timing is strict.

I used to try this all the time. I was able to get it to hit and give me enough advantage to super but I never actually comboed it.

Kudos on the combo.