Ground crossup

Does anyone know who Oro can ground crossup when the opponent tech rolls / doesnt tech roll?

Just dash towards him 3 times. If he tech rolls, then you probably go through him (works with Urien).

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Go tell 'em Yakoudama! :woot:

But I thought everyone can do this as long as the opponent is ground cross-up-able??

Other than the twins I’m not sure, but I think Makoto too.

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Well if you can conjure up a previous thread talking about what I first posted then go ahead :slight_smile:

Unfortunately for you, theres already many threads on SAI, you just couldn’t care to look them up before going ahead and looking like a cock.

Good one:wgrin:

Back on topic, makoto can be crossed up, without a tech roll.

Oh that’s good to know. Maybe someone should go into training mode and test out all the characters… Someone other than me of course :3

so whats a good way to use sa1? Is it tournament viable?

and oh yeah, what strength chicken stomp things do I need to use on each of the different characters?