Ground grab setups

…hey i need some real help wit maki’s 720 ground grab…its gotten to the point people have learned to get around my lil empty jump in 720 strategy…and i get owned whenever i try and do it…i been practici with her for 3 dayz straight and i cant come up with anything. one thing i thought would work would be if i did a jumping mk and the grap super as soon as i land…but the thing is…for some reason maki’s hands go right thru the opponent and the shit is really makin me so mad…becuz i love doin the move and its embarrasing to the other guy to see his fighter gettin slammed from wall to wall lol…so if anyon could help man i thank u

I dont know how good your 720 skills are, but you should try Tick throw to 720 grab super.
Crouching .lk 720 /Standing .lk 720 and Standing jab to 720. These are the ways I land the super on the ground beside’s Rolling,run-stop,and dashing. :frowning: :slight_smile: hope It helps.

We have a very good maki player here where we live… Well anyways some of his game is mixing up those running hops and slides throw thingys. Well when he is Raging (k groove), and he knocks you down he starts doing that running shit again, and right as you get up instead of hoppping or sliding he does the 720 super, it works very well, I am not even sure if you can escape it.

I dont think you can escape if your’re crouching though:o
I try not to use the slide throw too much. If you guess wrong with the slide, It leaves you open way too long for punishment.
If you miss the overhead slam, and they block high… your still kinda safe.
I think you recover at the same time? I cant remember the last time I was punished for missing a blocked overhead slam. If I miss I usually just RCkkk or just kkk. People usually try to attack after that move, and get hit. If I think they will block the overhead slam I just run stop throw or run stop 720 if I have super bar.

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