Ground Kontrol : Slugfest 3! Featuring Street Fighter 4 - Saturday, February 28th

To celebrate the release of Street Fighter 4, this tournament is dedicated
to the everlasting Street Fighter franchise.

Street Fighter 4 (PS3)*
Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix (PS3)*
Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike (Arcade)
Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Arcade)

Sign ups: 12:00pm Noon
Start Time: 1:00pm
Cost: $5 cover plus $3 per game.
Pizza and drinks provided.
Bring your own pads/sticks please. Some will be provided.
Cash and other prizes provided for 1st/2nd/3rd place finishers.
32 player limit for all games. 1st come, 1st serve.
Double Elimination

*Subject to change




Address & Phone: 511 NW Couch St.
Portland, OR 97209
Phone - (503)796-9364

EDIT: We need at least 2 more PS3s with pads/sticks per setup. Let me know if you can help. Thanks!

will there be sticks provided?

I can provide 1 or 2, but will also bring a convertor if it’s on PS3. I might have only 1 stick (at that time) if it’s on 360.

oh shit, as long as they dont throw me out after 5 (cause im 19) ill deffinitly be there.

I’ll be there to win everything.

coulda swore you said the same thing towards the Cali regionals… so much for that huh?

Hell yessss. Let’s get a good turnout, people!

Do they make exceptions with advance notice, or is it one of those things where they’ll get fined if they haven’t kicked all the youngsters out by the time the bar opens?

hahaha…I don’t have anything to do so I’ll be there.

I have to work, either that night or that morning. I’ll see what I can do.


Just like your ST skills.

3’s on their cabinet serious?:confused:

Uh… yeah I’m with Val. I would love 3S but that cab…eeeehhh. Lol. Anyways, I’m gonna see what my work schedule is (I think they already made it) so if I’m off, I’m showing and bringing the crew because they hella want to go over there again. Well, that’s if they don’t work. Since I know where this place is this time, we’ll be able to show up on time.

I wanna come! A/X Chun =D

I’ll see if anybody else from up here is interested in going.

Ray when we get into the grand finals of Alpha 3 again, you know what’s going to happen in regards to character selection. Let’s just make it official right now again :cool:

Concerning 3S: We can’t run too many console games at once. With many people already playing HD Remix and getting into SF4 when it releases, this is the best possible selection based on the options I as given (2 arcade, 2 console). Let’s hope the cabinet is running better before tourney time.

BBH: Blanka vs Blanka finals once again =)

Deezo: It’s be great if you could spread the word and try to get other Seattle peeps to this.

YabukiStyle: Five Guys Burgers n Fries after the tourney. Seattle needs to try Five Guys too.

Note: If hamburgers aren’t your thing. Cedar Hills Blvd has many other food choices as well.

They just need to put normal sticks in the cabinet. The current ones suck.


id go but i dont want to drive that far…