Ground Kontrol : Slugfest 3! Featuring Street Fighter 4 - Saturday, February 28th

Oh man I totally forgot about Five Guys! Reminds me of this quote from Family Guy: “I can’t eat any because I’ll get fat…but its sooooo good.” Hahah. I’m so down for that.

Hoping to make it to this, not sure if I can get back to back Saturdays off though.

Finally tried Five Guys the other night, thats one mean burger! :lovin:

five guys is the shit, ive eaten at the original five guys in VA

Five Guys fries + vinegar + DAT SPARKLE = win

im wondering the same thing. RayBladeX since your the one puting this together do you have any info for the people under 21? would we get thrown out at 5 or can you make some kind of agreement with the owner?

Unless there is some insane turnout, the tourneys should be finished by 5

Finally a tourney! I’m gonna do horrible on 3s, too much HD =(

You must be 21 to be inside Ground Kontrol after 5pm.

Based on the past Slugfest events. Both have finished before 5pm.

We can’t hold any tournaments back for latecomers this time around.

If possible, please be here early or on time! =)

alright cool, thanks for the info

Is there any way we can get the sticks replaced on ST and 3rd Strike? They should put Happ ‘Competition’ brand sticks in. In my experience they are the best switch sticks.

So, we’re actually doing a 3S session down here right now and everyone is pretty hyped about going. We’ve got 4 people (including myself) who are pretty positive about going (got days off and so forth). I’m hoping to get 2 more going for 3S (these guys live like an hr away from us). If things go as plan, we’ll have a good group going up there to rep Tri-Cities.

Hopefully SF4 kicks off well down here and we get some new people into the scene that wants to travel up there.

We could get at least 3rd Strike fixed before then, but HD Remix will be on PS3, not arcade.

I’ll be here to donate money to the HDR fund. I’ll bring some newbies too
who is interested in being a part of the scene. Poof!

If SF4 is on PS3 I’ll be there for sure.

yo Ray can donate my ps3 for the cause. have HD remix and will have sf4

I’ll probably bring my xbox 360 for the xbox users if ya need it for HD REMIX, i got a hori soo…

I’’ be there. This time I plan on taking 3s to complete 100% domination of Portland =P

I hope someone can stop me.

Games people have no chance in A3/Cvs2/SF4 =D muahah

Or can you take me? BRING IT!!!


that would be cool (at least for me lol), the only stick im gonna have is for 360 so unless someone there is bringing a(or possibly multiple) 360 to PS3 converter id have to use a pad/some one else’s stick if theyd be so kind, or just enter the games that are on arcade.

are you better than ltb in 3s?

no offense meant, i just don’t know who you are.


Yeah “A-DHALSIM” we dunno who you are. You got no clout son! Let’s battle when you show up in PDX!