Ground Kontrol Tourneys on August 23rd canceled

Last Chance Summer Slugfest 2!

Ground Kontrol will be having their second set of tourneys on Saturday, August 23rd. Here are the details:

When? : August 23rd (Saturday). Sign-ups at 11am, tourney starts at Noon.

Where?: Downtown Portland

What Games?: Soul Calibur 4 (PS3, Featured Game) SF3: Third Strike (PS2), Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (Arcade), Marvel Vs Capcom 2 (Arcade).

The Rules?: Double Elimination w/Evo rules applied for all games. Rules and game lineup may be subject to change. Bring your own pads & sticks please.

Cost?: $5 cover charge*, then $3 for each game entered. *Pizza and drinks will be provided to all tourney attendees. Arcade games set to Free Play.

Prizes: Cash prizes awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers, along with Gift Certificates and T-Shirts also given away.



Address & Phone: 511 NE Couch St.
Portland, OR 97209
Phone - (503)796-9364

There is a 32 player cap for Soul Calibur 4, 16 players for the other games.

ST, eh?

Who wants to give me a ride? :slight_smile:

i can’t enter for any of these games.

For SC 4 can I play Algol? Not a definite consesus on whether he is broken yet, but people are leaning towards not. So far only create a character and the console exclusive Yoda, Vader have been banned… But I think Vader should be allowed in our tourney since we know it’ll be on ps3! Also Apprentice definitely isn’t broke, his moves suck at tracking and have terrible hitboxes, plus he does like meh damage, only good thing is a+b force interrupt and the fact that the force explosion tech catches, like the taki explosion did in 3.

Anyway I’ll be there probably for at least sc4 if not something else.

I’ll be there.

What game(s) would you like to play?

Anyway, thanks for making this thread, Ray! Looking forward to this one. Should be bigger and better than before!

Common now bro, sense when did boss characters EVER been allowed in a tourney? How would you allow Vader but not Yoda? thats senseless.

The best thing we could do is Ban: Yoda, Vader and Algol. The apprentice is in both versions so I think that’s ok. Also, custom characters are banned.

Unless Yoda is also on the Ps3 version, we could have Vader & Yoda, but Algol will still be banned whether he’s broken or not.

i’ll donate a copy of cvs2 (for the tournament) if we can fit that into the line up as well!

I’m not trying to fight but why? Why the apprentice but not Algol? Apprentice is a sub-boss, Algol is the main Boss, both are available on the ps3 and the xbox, plus if people are really serious they have plenty of time to learn the moves and such… I just don’t get the difference.

Also to Jetay: Abyss was allowed in sc3 tourney’s cause he wasn’t broken, he was infact worse than zaslamel.

Geese and Bison are technically Sub-Bosses in CVS2, You wanna ban them?

There has never been any Boss characters allowed in ANY SC tourney i have been too. I dont know what 3rd rate tourney’s you were at. Thats like saying Playing a All-Star team in a madden tourney b/c its available in all the versions and you got enough time to learn there play book.

Ross - At this point, we’re just waiting to see how tiers turn out. 2 weeks should determine a solid tier list.

Its not really like that. All Star team was broken good. In SC 3 and probably in 4 the boss characters are more gimmicky than good. Also I never went to an SC 3 tourney, but other tourney’s did allow the boss. You probably went to SC 2 tourneys, the boss wasn’t really available for play in sc 2 as he was a Edgemaster style character with like 1 special unblockable that was dumb.

Ray, okay I’m fine with that.

i would like to play everything.

and beat everybody at them.


The same Japanese ST’s getting reinstalled? Or did they pick up a US board for it?

I hope I can make it. No promises :sad:

wooot im taking marvel muhhaahahhaha

I’ll be taking…something that’s not a fighting game, I guess. Too many years out-of-practice. I’ll try to show up and enter, sure, but I just don’t expect to win anything.

They’ve got the 4-player Simpsons game, and the 4-player TMNT game, which makes me wonder if they’re already tried to acquire the 6-player X-Men game.

This tourney has been canceled. It will more than likely be rescheduled for September 20th.