Ground Kontrol Tourneys on July 20th (PDX)

Ground Kontrol will be having their first tourneys on Sunday, July 20th. Here are the details:

When? : July 20th (Sunday). Sign-ups at 11am, tourney starts at Noon.

Where?: Downtown Portland

What Games?: SF3: Third Strike (PS2), Tekken Tag 2 v 2 (PS2), Soul Calibur 2 (Arcade) and SF2:Hyper Fighting (Arcade).

The Rules?: Double Elimination w/Evo rules applied for all games. Tekken Tag will be 2 on 2 Battle. Each team requires 2 players and can have 1 extra alternate. If you cannot find a teammate, one will be appointed to you =)

Cost?: $5 cover charge*, then $3 for each game entered. *Pizza and drinks will be provided to all tourney attendees. Arcade games set to Free Play.

Prizes: Cash prizes awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers, along with Gift Certificates and T-Shirts also given away. More info on this later.



Address & Phone: 511 NE Couch St.
Portland, OR 97209

NOTE: There is a cap of 16 players per tourney. I reserved spots for: FatBear, MkMaster503,Geesemaster and Raishinken.

Please help make this tourney a success!

Any KOF 98 UM?

Ray is on my team!

Hey Ray & Shoryuken,

Art from Ground Kontrol here.

I’m working on our pizza sponsorship right now and should have a poster ready for the tourney this Sunday!

If you plan on attending, you should post so I can get a better idea of potential turnout.

Hope to see as many of you there as possible!



I would be there for sure, except i have plans already for that day : (

Conflicts with PDXLAN. Suckage.

Sup Art. Its Mark from Kumoricon and such. Heard all of you are gonna be going to PAX, enjoy that shit. lol

Art - Welcome to SRK!

Not everyone who reads the forums in here will post, but I do expect a good turnout for all games.

Art = mexican Art?

no I think its a different art… then the one you are thinking of.

ah ok


Sounds fun. see you guys then.

i shall be there.



yo lawrence lets go win marvel and tekken tag

Oops. First Portland tourney in years that I’d actually be in town for, and it’s scheduled for the weekend of our once-every-four-years family reunion out-of-town. Is anyone going to be taking video of the HF matches?

Damn I have to work this day. Have fun guys

any STA3(street fighter alpha3) happening?

I’m sure there will be some SFA3 casuals while the tourneys are going on. So, stop by!

I always wonder why somebody always asks in a tournament thread " What about " insert RANDOM ASS GAME HERE " when clearly it isnt in the tourney by the 1st post…

I’M DOWN:lovin: