Ground Recovery and Reversals

Hi All,

Am new to the forums and have a two questions to ask.

Ground Recovery:

Say I do a ground recovery and the opponent hits me with a LK during the rolling frame. Often I end up in a standing rather then crouching position. This leads to detrimental consequences especially vs characters like Ryu (LK*2 followed by Hurricane).

How do I end up in a crouching position while performing the ground recovery? I know this is possible as when I perform the similar moves (LK*2 followed by Hurricane), quite often my opponent would be in a crouching position and the hurricane would float over them.


I understand that this can be done upon getting up from a sweep. For example if Sakura does a sweep or her chokehold, often I know that she would attempt a crossover next. Call me a scrub but I find that her crossover is tougher to block then say the shotos crossover, it seems to hit deep and is often followed up by a very damaging combo.

Can I do a reversal upon recovery from the sweep? i.e performing a hurricane kick motion upon getting up and receiving a counterhit instead of the crossover? Are reversals possible vs some of the crossover VC’s? I read somewhere that it is possible but have been unsuccessful pulling it off. Might be my timing.

You can’t block after a recovery roll. It’s good to escape some stuff like crossup loops, but if your opponent predicts you you get comboed or swept.

You can reversal crossups, a lot of players of JP vids do reversal hurricane to eat a little air counterhit but escape the crossup loop.

You can theorically DP crossups by doing a forward, down, down back motion, however i haven’t been able to put it in good use as i kinda suck, someone knows if it’s really effective?

  1. Ground Recovery will make you stand if you’re hit out of it, and I assumed it was programmed that way intentionally, so you take a bigger risk by doing it because even more combos work on you.

  2. Yes, you can reversal after a sweep or any other time you’re hit or knocked down. The timing just takes some getting used to. The reversal window in A3 is actually a bit larger than in other games, at least for wakeup attakcks.

It may help you to drum your fingers across the buttons so you can get multiple inputs. This will also help you with your timing if your move comes out. For example if you do a reversal Shoryuken with shotos, you can tell pretty easily which version comes out, and if you need to time your reversal attempt earlier or later.

You are correct, Sakura’s crossup is very good. You can reversal hurricane kick with shotos and take the counter hit. This is assuming you’re doing the move in the right direction, of course.

Thanks guys. Tried the reversals and have finally managed to get the timing right. :wgrin: