Group Photo Ops- The Frank West Team Building Thread



Planning on using Frank West on your team? Discuss your strategies here! This will be updated once I obtain the guide and the game drops.



[details=Spoiler]**What Is It?: **Frank takes a swig, causing a 30% gain in hyper meter.
**Why Use It?: **Coming Soon
Technical Info: Coming Soon[/details]

Shopping Cart

[details=Spoiler]**What Is It?: **Frank comes out rushing forward with a shopping cart. He travels a bit more than half-screen hitting multiple times.
**Why Use It?: **Coming Soon
Technical Info: Coming Soon[/details]

L Tools of Survival

[details=Spoiler]What Is It?: Frank comes out and does his :l: Tools of Survival, jabbing multiple times and pulling the opponent towards it. The range and weapon changes based on Frank’s level.
**Why Use It?: **Coming Soon
**Technical Info: **Coming Soon[/details]


Underlined Assists are Recommended



Coming Soon!



Coming Soon!



Coming Soon!

DHCs and THCs

Blue Light Special

[details=Spoiler]**What Is It?: **Frank rushes forward with a weapons filled shopping cart and damages everything in his path. This hyper OTGs and ends with a wall bounce.

DHC Potential: Coming Soon[/details]

Survival Techniques

[details=Spoiler]**What Is It?: **Using a whole arsenal of weapons that change based on his level, Frank beats down the opponent leaving them in a aerial state. It has some startup invincibility that increases at higher levels and is cinematic.

DHC Potential: Coming Soon[/details]

THC/DHC and Exp

Quick Level Gain

[details=Spoiler]One of the quickest ways to fully level up with Frank is to DHC to him after a long combo or to perform a THC. Certain hypers that have a lot of hits to them, such as Dante’s Million Dollars (80-90 hits). If Frank is DHC’d in or comes in during a THC and follows up with a photo, he can gain 4-5 levels instantly. With two bars of meter, you can do a THC with only two characters. Frank’s Blue Light Special should finish before your partner’s does, thus allowing a quick snapshot.

These are the intervals for Frank’s levels…
Level 2: 5 Hits
Level 3: 20 Hits
Level 4: 50 Hits
Level 5: 100 Hits
(Please Note: All intervals are halved if Bottoms Up (drinking) is done prior to the combo. Vomiting can be avoided by tagging out Frank before ten real life seconds occur. He will will not get sick if you tag him back in.)[/details]

If you plan on creating a team, please fill out the following questionnaire first.


Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3
Newcomer’s Team Assessment Questionnaire

  1. Who characters and teams will you use (in order of selection)?

  2. What type of game-play strategy are you pursuing with this team? (Explain)

  3. What advantages does your point (first selected) character have?

What disadvantages does your point character have?

What maneuverability options does your point character have?

How will your assists aid your point character?

  1. What advantages does your secondary character have?

What disadvantages does your secondary character have?

What maneuverability options does your secondary character have?

How will your assists aid your secondary character?

  1. What advantages does your last character have?

What disadvantages does your secondary character have?

What maneuverability options does your last character have?

How will your assists aid your last character?

  1. What kind of Delayed Hyper Combo opportunities do you think your team will have?

  2. What type of impact will your Team Hyper Combo have on your opponent (Explain)?

  3. What are some of the weaknesses of your team?

  4. After filling out this questionnaire, are you still comfortable with your team?[/details]

This isn’t necessary for regular questions.

Willamette Parkview Mall Help Center: The Frank West Q&A Thread (Ask questions here!)

So do you want this to be the matchup thread too? Because I was going to do that, but if you want to cover both that’s fine.


Nah, I would see that being it’s own thread. Go ahead if you want.


I posted this in the main thread, but I feel like it’ll need to be here too.

Skrull fully mashed Inferno :f: DHC into Frank Cart Hyper :f: Camera shot = instant Frank lvl 5.

Y’all Frank players might want to SERIOUSLY consider Skrull as a partner.


I’ll make note of this, thanks!


So this means that he can combo off of shopping cart hyper with a snapshot?

That means that 1 Skrull mixups = level 5. Wow. Skrull/Frank/Task here I come!


If it’s true the Shopping Cart assist OTGs, then it definitely is going to be Frank’s assist of choice. However, I’ve heard so many mixed reports on wither it does or not.


Firebrand/Frank/Doom for me
With Firebrand I will score big multi hitting combos then I will TAC Into Frank and get all the hits from firebrand and get the level up in one go.
I will use Frank Meter Building Assist in Firebrand’s combos to keep it safe. Once I hit 3 bars with Firebrand I will rain down Hell all day with Chaos Tide and Doom missles. Doom missles will also help me with Frank’s Combos as they are multi hitting and will allow for multiple camera shots once I figure out a combo for them.
Also with Fire brands H demon missle assist, I can cross up all day using frank’s Roll.

I probably should not have revealed all my day one team secerts

I have decided to take doom out for amateratsu because of the thc thing and her cold star is just so much better for the team then missles


I’m going to be working with


Shopping Cart Weasel Shot and Rolling Bucker

Ill build Frank’s level up by using a THC with Dante once I get 2 meters and Snapshot while dante is shooting forever and ever…

Dante’s Weasel shot and Rolling Bucker are great assist and if Frank has an overhead once I get in Felicia will help make unblockables.

And Dante and Felicia are already secretly BFF’s


Yea until more technology is learned, Frank West/Dante is going to be the standard if you actually want to do some good stuff with Frank. Luckily, Dante is not the worse character in the world to be “stuck” with.

If they didn’t remove Zero’s hard knockdown off of his Buster Shot, that would of been an even better combo. Zero could do his full combo, end with an air Buster Shot and then raw tag Frank for the picture. Then basically, Frank would never even enter the match below level 4 as long as your Zero doesn’t get killed. That’s along the lines I’m aiming for when the game drops. Seeing if I can run Frank 2nd and never have to be forced to play him at level 1.


Yea ill prolly run frank/dante/ammy till more and better tech is discovered, hopefully lvl 1 frank isn’t absolutely terrible cause I really wanna run him on point. Plus with dante and ammy assist I can just get a hit with jam session or cold star and take a pic of that for a quick level 2 at the very least.


Frank’s ability on point is most likely going to be dependent on his meter building capacity for that nice thc tech. Otherwise he might be more suited for a secondary role


Dante/Frank/Dorm or Doom.

My concern is getting in with frankie once he is on point. TAC’ing or DHC’ing to frank is probably going to be the hardest part, but combo sizes won’t be an issue, especially with the OTG camera.


I’m thinking about using Frank/Dante/Skrull as my FW team. Epic THC team and Skrull’s Orbital Grudge assist got buffed (faster armor). Skrull’s a pretty epic anchor as well so the order should be fine. Only thing I’m not sure about is the assist for Dante, I love Jam Session but I don’t think it’ll really help Frank getting in. So I’m thinking about using Weasel Shot instead.


Looks like Frank West can gain meter just fine. Even at level 1. And apparently he can do the same thing he does with Dante with Nemesis. So there will be a few character teams you might be able to make work.


Frank gets a free Camera off of his Shopping Cart Super? That would really open up the list of characters what would work with Frank…


Was thinking of using wright/frank/rr or dante what do u guys think?


I don’t like this bit of misinformation. I saw you post in the Official UMvC3 thread, asking for a link to my private GAF stream, which I assume you got eventually since you were posting about stuff I did on stream.

Anyway, as the chat requested, I did Inferno, DHC to Cart, X FACTOR, Camera Shot = Level 5. People forget that X factor cancel in the middle. Some gaffers have been telling me that Honzo said that you can link Inferno -> Cart -> Camera without using XFC but I haven’t been able to. Maybe that’s a case of GAF->SRK->GAF.

Just wanted to clear that.


I’m thinking that since Magneto can get a lot of hits with Gravity Squeeze now, if he does a combo that ends in Gravity Squeeze, you can raw tag Frank and snap a pic.

Let’s not forget tagging after wallbounces. MODOK <3


That’s a shame, but it makes sense. Cart->Photo was sounding too good.


:slight_smile: I like the way you think.