Grudge Match: Soomighty vs. Mixup

I got 5 on Mike any takers?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Grudge Match: Soomighty vs. Mixup


$20.00, 2/3, wassup?

$20 2/3 is fine by me…

good, we’re set. shakes hands

count me in on your side nikka , the faggit fisherman dont stand a chance… fuckin sailor


Your random hate is so gay:lol:

What kind of freak are you?

“faggit fisherman”…um…right…how about this, if i get to go, i play YOU AND SOO.

Try to contain your retard mumblings k ghost buster?

I’ll play all you fags fuck it:lol:

Mike do it up and the dinner is on me…Biggest platter you can fuckin think of.

I got 50 to 100 bux on Soo
anyone willing to take that bet?

lol mixup called him a ghost buster, what a kool kat

George: just fuck these hoez up in real life. =D

I will play mixup myself for money since he talking shit on my team… if he goes. keyword if.

little bitch, IF i can go, i’ll play you no problem, i’ll bring ozzie just so it’s a sure thing.

Where were you for ecc8?

I have the bestest magneto ever…hear me roar!



i have a wackass magneto i suck at mvsc2 :frowning: i kill ppl with random shit from coordinated button mashing looks at dsp lol just fucking with ya hey blaziniflo why dont we play some matches at evo for erica :slight_smile:


Damn, that shit was just weak.

random hate? … so cal peeps have hated u for a long time now … it shouldent be such a suprise and random

and why do u sound so mad? … what happen with the …“just joking around”? talk …cuz thats what im doin … but i dont have a problem playin u at evo … IF you come down

why does everyone keep emphesizing the big if?

if he gets the money, he’ll come. if he doesnt, you cant hold it against him.

wtf ghost buster? :lame: … stupid sailor, i swear

#TheReal / SA will not stand for any shit talking :mad:

I got $1000 on soo.

GOOOOOOOOOO #thereal w00t w00t

telly tel

looks like thereal soldiers are rootin for pottah and soo …

take care of that shit potts

I’ll bet 50 to a 100 bucks that you won’t ever shut your uneducated, cum-gurgling mouth about shit that really has nothing to do with your pathetic existence that revolves solely around licking the nutsack of your favorite video game player.

And this is a pre-emptive shut your fucking mouth because lord knows you’re going to type some idiotic 5 line post with dramatic spaces added to emphasize your pointless, ridiculous flame.

If mixup goes to Evolution, he’ll fuck you like the little cock-guzzling bitch you are, then he’ll fuck you again just for the hell of it. The only thing you’ll be playing with is your pathetic, dangling, internet shit-talking ego you hide behind. The only reason you’re brown is because you’re so full of bullshit it seeps out of your pores and contaminates the outside of your little mutant shell, don’t let your mother tell you otherwise.

Now go play with your hero’s nutsack. I’m sure the five minutes you spend away from licking on it makes the taste leave the back of your mouth and sends you into convulsive withdrawal.