Grudge Match Thread

Here’s the Official Grudge Match Thread…For all who talk shit, and wish to challenge each other make it known…and post it up…Hopefully all will be at EvL2K3 to show their skills…


#1 - Dr.B in: The battle to make it out of pool play!

Riiiight…Is this a challenge from you??? Cause if it’s not don’t worry about me…I’ll be fine…

-B.:lol: :cool:

tekken madness

Bacardi vs atl crew in tekken :slight_smile: settle this shit once and for all who is the best

I challenge 300ZX to 3rd Strike, on the big screen (hopefully).

My Akuma vs. Ken.

Best of 5, or even 7. whatever.

I challenge all the top US players

Remember me

This was supposed to happen last year, but we never got around to it, so I’ll post it again.

BarrelO v. ytwojay for the F.Net MvC2 Championship!!!

this was supposed to happen last year but it didn’t


Me vs. Tragic in CvS2 and GGXX

Hey, I just need a match. =D

I challenge anyone and everyone running the tournament in A3, if you guys have a spare cabinet around. Nothing personal.

I also challenge R.Kelly in a no-holds-barred fight to the death, but I don’t think he’ll be there.

I was all for this, but because of the…lack of machines and areas to play, like no matches coulda happened…Someone bring a TV and other shit and have a challenge match corner or something…They had all those people last year who had the shit going on with the TVs and other crap…

BTW, it’s a high possibility I will be selling porn CDs if I go…so if you’re interested PM me, 10 bucks a pop, but really good porn!

I challenge Calipower and Wong to MvC 2 Matches and CvS 2 Matches.:cool:

Always wanted to play em…also Sanford at mvc 2;)

hey capitan, you still up for our match?

I challenge anyone to DC bomberman.


I would like to play you a couple matchs of yama vs yama…by evo I should be descent on the stick and hopefully I’ll be worth somethin.


I Accept…


There are a bunch of challenges i wanna get in… but i just wanna make a good canadian presence.

grude match challenge: TeamCanada vs Anyone in CvS2

Mahn… if Kenbou comes over from Japan for T4… I hella wanna rematch that guy. He’s really good, but I wanna see how I do sticking with my main character this time (I didn’t die AS badly last time).

Oooh… and I really wanna play Venom again in T4… I lost, but in a couple rounds (final rounds in matches) it was from stupid mistakes… not sure how many he made, but I’d like to play him again and see… they were really good matches last time.

Also, Dr.B, I have yet to play you… so I’ll do just that. Dun worry though, I suxor at CvS2 so you’ll have a free win! Witness the powers of someone who is maybe top 20 in NW? o_O


my challenge

I challenge all Spiral players… I want to see how I fare against the “best” Spiral players.

So it’s me vs. Tragic and you vs. me. =D
I’ll bring a Michelle Branch shirt as a distraction =P