GT-Y + Bat top

I like the square gate and all , but miss playing sticks at the arcade. I know that Happ doesn’t have a gate. But with these add-ons will it come close or way off to Happ? Ordered the GT-Y and LS-33, already have Bat.

LS-33? I don’t think the GT-Y fits on a Seimitsu stick.

Lizardlick sells adapters that makes them fit on all sanwa and seimitsu syticks minus the sanwa JLW-UM-8 which is a bat top anyway. Shouldn’t be to hard to make it work

GT-Y restrictor plate only fits on the JLF restrictor plate housing.

Sorry bit of confusion. I have a JLF, plan to add a GT-Y gate with bat-top and a LS-33 spring. Will these mods be comparable to a Happ arcade stick.

Not really.

Get a JLW then mod the spring like spenzalii did.

^^what d3v said…

I just modded a JLF with a circle gate (made one from a 2 way restrictor plate and a grinding cone). It gives you the cornerless feel, but the spring tension and throw are nowhere near a happ/iL stick.

A JLW can be tuned with the correct spring (as mentioned in the earlier post, you can try a light shock spring from a r/c car). The JLW can be had with a circle gate. The tension will be much closer to a happ, but again the throw will be off. However, it’s a better bet than a JLF (haven’t tried a LS-32, but I can’t imagine it would be much different), and a good alternative if you have a TE or SE and want a more american feel to the joystick.

Thanks for clearing that up D3V but i was just talking about the bat top being put on an ls 33

Why not just get a HAPP stick? They’re not that expensive.

Depends on the application. If he wants a happ in a TE, SE, HPAR, etc he’s SOL without some serious modifications that may or may not be worth it (easier to just get a case built for a happ)

I’m SOL. GT-Y is horrribllee compared to the square gate. What a waste.

Grind it into a circle if you must. I haven’t heard very many good things about the octo gate…