GTA (ON,Canada) Buttons, Balltops, Sticks, Pads, Games & More

Hi everyone,

Thought this might be a good way to provide some visibility to the fact that I have a vast selection of Fighting Game Gear available for purchase for folks in the Greater Toronto Area.

Some Background info:

I am the owner of Omega Collectables, an online reseller and wholesaler of video games, systems and accessories. Over the course of 2011 we have become an avid supporter of the competitive fighting game communities through Tournament Sponsorship, donations, etc. As such our own YRSF (York Region Street Fighters) initiative has grown rapidly and we currently host casual gaming sessions at two venues in addition to running tournaments.

We’ve come to realize the great demand that exists for specific products that are very difficult to get in Canada, specifically within the GTA and are excited to have the opportunity to provide local players with access to them.

Just to name a few:

Sanwa Buttons 30 and 24mm
Seimitsu Skeleton Buttons 30 and 24mm
Seimitsu Pearly Buttons 30mm
Sanwa Balltops
Seimitsu Bubble Balltops
Button Caps
Hori Arcade Sticks
Mad Catz Fight Pads
PDP Versus Fighting Pads
Controller Adapters
T-Shirts & Gaming Apparel
Tritton & Turtle Beach Headsets

If there is anything of interest feel free to send me a PM or drop a post. We will update the original post with pricing and a “Top Ten” list shortly. You can visit us on the web or come out to meet me in person during one of the weekly casual sessions at Heroes World or Microplay: York Region Street Fighters “YRSF” Thread (R.Hill/Aurora/Stouffville/Newmarket)

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Will you guys be carrying joysticks and PCBs as well?

Yes, we’re working on it. Just trying to determine the best source and we’ll be sure to update our sites and the thread once they arrive.