GTA tournament who would be interested?


Now the problem would be it be pad only… as well it be in a theatre on a 50 foot screen. (cant really have the controllers reach outside of the projection room because well it is pretty good distance)

I work for a theatre and id like to get them to hold these toruneys because i think it be profitable. As well as being a fan of the game id like to see it grow and have a bigger scene in the GTA

How many gta’ers would be interested in that sort of thing, if i can swing there vote then you could have a monthly tourney for sf 4 (its in mississauga btw very easily accessible.

also if interested here are some questions.

What time of day would your perfeer. Early around 2-3 around evening around 9-12
What kind of prizes would be to your liking?
How much would you be willing to pay to play?
Would you be willing to pay to watch?
Would you have a problem buying food from the theatre at a discounted price over food outside of the theatre.

Just trying to get some info and results so I can create a proposal for the theatre to put this plan into action.



i won’t troll.



What did you originaly say very curious?


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Pm me it. Im not sensative… but curious lol.


I really don’t like cursing, swearing, or using racist comments.


-I like my tournies to start at 8pm and run all hours of the night.
-I like big prizes, like 1 million dollars for first place
-I wouldn’t be willing to pay much
-Ya I have a huge problem buying food from theatres, they’re a huge rip off.

I am interested though.


Well the food would be along cheaper then regular price.

mostly nachos french fries and hot dogs.


Haha, why is everyone being a douchebag to someone who’s trying to help the scene? I’ll never understand this mentality.

Are you the guy who’s running the SFIV tournaments at Coliseum? A big screen tournament sounds like fun, however…

  • With SFIV, there’s more than likely going to be an input lag problem with projectors.
  • You’re not going to get people to pay a lot of money for this, because with the tourney running on a single screen, people are barely going to get any matches in. $5 is the maximum I would imagine myself paying.
  • Evening is always better
  • Depends on how much the discounted food ends up being.

EDIT: Also, check the top of the page, for the next tournament in the GTA.


Nah I know that guy though… its just that i had the idea when i first started working at my theatre when we played HD remix on the hd projector it was sick i was like dude you could totaly get money.

The games would be like a normal tournmanet best of 3 5 rounds.

Hd projector using hdmi shouldnt be a problem for imput lag. I played gears of war 2 nhl 09 and hdr on it and it seemed just fine.

P.s: It prolly has to do with my join date, but i only needed to join when i wanted to post, ive been on since streat fighter 3s came out. Learning how to better play ibiki(my fav char in the game)


Welcome to the forum.
I edited my first post because I was trolling and being a smart ass when you did nothing to deserve it - especially since you are willing to put in the leg work in helping the community grow via these new tournaments.

I’ve offered my 2 cents below.

Problem #1: No one will take a “pad only” tournament seriously. All the competative players on this board are using joysticks. The exception is kymah, he uses the SFAE Chun-Li pad, but kymah is a gen scrub anyways so he doesn’t count.

I understand the restriction of distance between projection room + screen, but there must be some way around this.
Maybe have all the spectators in the theatre and the 2 people playing the game in the projection room?

Problem #2: If you are only going to have 1 screen available for the entire tournament, it will take hella long to complete (depending on numbers). You would have to start earlier to ensure you finish at a decent time.

Just as an example, there was a ranbat in SoCal last weekend where they had 64 entrants on a single SF4 cabinet … it ran from 2pm-2am … so 12 hours for a double elim bracket. Please keep this in mind.

If you as a director are looking to make money on a personal level, this is frowned upon in the scene. However I understand that the movie theatre is a business and needs the incentive of $$$$ in order to make the important decisions.

Generally players will pay 2 types of fees for a tournament:
General Admission Fee - Covers any costs related to rental or admission of the venue (if any)
Game Entry Fee - For each tournament game, all the money collected goes into a pot and the money is distributed to the winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

In terms of timing and potential conflict:

Currently, GTASF is running monthly tournies (last Saturday of the month) at the POWNZ gaming center in Hamilton ON. The venue is great and the employees there are even better. The only issues is location/accessibility but we have been organizing car pools to make the journey out west. We all pay a $10 admission fee to POWNZ, but there are also other stations to play casual games while you wait for your match.

(I’m not sure how players would react to having to pay a $10 admission fee to the theatre and the only thing you can do between your matches is just sit in your seat and watch.)

NeoRussel has also hosted a SF4 tourney closer to the heart of the downtown core last month, I didn’t go but I heard the turnout was decent. It was TTC accessible and there was no site fee, ftw.

I think UofT (downtown) wants to hold a SF4 / STHD tourney at the end of April (when exams are over?). Nagata is also look at them to host TX which is happening ??? (don’t know when).

Where in Sauga is this exactly?

Earlier we start, the earlier we end. That’s my preference. That leaves time for us to hangout / chill afterwards.

**Prizes: **The tourney standard is to have a pot fee for all players. And then the top 3 players get paid out 70/20/10. If your work would be willing to contribute to the prizes (ie movie passes maybe??) that would be cool too.

Pay to Play / Watch: I understand the movie theatre is a business and they want to make money. An admission of fee of $5-$10 (max) would be reasonable for all players, not sure if people who just want to watch would be willing to pay.

Food: I ALWAYS sneak in snacks when I go to the movie theatre. Fuck paying $12 for a coke and med popcorn. What the shit is that. I can go to Tremendous over on Wolfdale and feed a family of 4 for $12.

Here are my questions / concerns:

Like DDS has stated, test out input lag on the projectors. If there is lag, then a work around will have to be figured out. ie playing on a TV in the projector room and using the projector to display to the audience. SF games are very sensitive to even 2 or 3 frames of lag.
Please use 2/3 rounds. This is the tournament standard.

Good luck.

PS. If you assume ~30 people show up for SF4 (this has been the average for the last 2 tournies) and on a single system, a double elim braacket will take about 6 hours ish to complete.


There would be no good way to see out of the projection room onto the screen for the players. And im sure the gm would not want that. Though there might be a way to get a stick out there by using a longer ethernet a power cord. But then there is added time constraint of switching sticks, and so forth… Though first one would be pad only… and if it happens maybe be able to make it arcade stick viable.

That is the major issue. it wouldnt be double elim, and if the first one went well then might be able to facilitate the use of more then one theatre. Maybe limited number of entrants. Im gonna observe how the tourney at colosium runs to see.

Nah no money for me, but if it gives me a shift where i just run it, thats pretty sweet for me lol.

Yes that would be a choice or a prize. depends what gm says. id also call msoft/sony and capcom and try and get some sort of sponsership.

Food: I ALWAYS sneak in snacks when I go to the movie theatre. Fuck paying $12 for a coke and med popcorn. What the shit is that. I can go to Tremendous over on Wolfdale and feed a family of 4 for $12.

yeah i went to tremendeous i couldnt feed myself on 12 bucks lol. but theatre food is expensive, i was thinking like get them to make discounted price for the tourney players to give them a reason to purchase the food.

For example

Poutine hotdog and drink for 7 bucks. shit like that.

What would be a good way to test imput lag? i Played using it since its digital it seems to work just fine used it in diffrent games, system linked and we used the projector and the other played on the tv and there seemed to be no imput lag, but a reliable test would be good.

it woulda been

best 2 out of 3 out of 5 games.

so min of 6games vs one gime with a max of 15 i belive.

Yeah ill consider that.


Count me in if this runs.


Big hurdle in my proposal, we only have one digital projector, lol talk about a set back.