Well well.

The freedom to kill anyone and basically do whatever you want is really fun but am I the only person who loved 4 mainly for the writing? The plot and characters were so richly developed and interesting without them gta4 wouldn’t be a great game to me…probably why I wasn’t as huge a fan of the other gta’s like everyone else was.

I wonder what you can speculate from the ‘V’ alone.

dollar dollar bill ya’ll

Can’t wait :rock:

Never got round to completing campaign because the game was open in a bad way. That probably doesn’t make sense, but I only did missions or progressed through the story when I got bored, multiplayer pretty much solidified that. Writing wise it’s in another league to the previous titles.

Interesting logo, the “V” got me thinking about Wall Street

I liked the fourth one. On it’s own it was good, but adding “The Lost in the Damned” and “The Ballad of Gay Tony” into the story just made it more badass to me… especially “The Ballad of Gay Tony.”

As far as IV was. I never played any of the expansions, but IV overall was the most boring out the games to me. It felt like there was more restrictions in this game compared to others and all around less things to do. I agree that it has the best writing out of all the main entries, but as far as gameplay wise, the most disappointing.

GTA V trailer coming in just a week? Can’t wait to see it and hopefully it will be better than IV.

GTA IV was one of those games I beat and never touched it after that. Game felt dry after I beat it.

I only played the multiplayer when I had friends on. Only time the shit was really fun to me. Shit got wack when they made it so you have to have a nav point on everybody in free roam. Its fun running around and nobody knows where you at but they stopped that.

They need a Online Hardcore, Causal, and Friendly Free Roam like Red Dead Redemption. With Gang hangouts that respond to take over and mini missons & etc.

All they need to do is take a couple of the multiplayer concepts from RDR and this game will no doubt be a hit.

So far,

Its SA. Its london. Oh no Dollar bill better play cream

Dollar Pattern? Green Dollar Pattern?

“Grove Street, Home. At least It was before I F*cked everythang up.”

San Andreas freedom + IV writing = best GTA ever?

That’s what I hope for anyway. Another thing I want them to do is use a different physics engine, or make changes to the current one. It was nice idea but, horrible in practice.

I still havne’t touched my copy of GTA4, but I will say that SA turned me off the series do to be TOO open. I’d like things pulled back a little to where they were in the Miami/Scarface joint forgetting name

  • :bluu:

Same here. I beat it, tried mp and got bored, then traded it in.

They needed more shit to do. Give me a TRUE real world experience. Let me shoot hoops, in an advanced bball minigame. Give me mp where I can get 18 people together and play baseball, or let me roam around in gangs and kill other gangs of players, then go bowling.

And bring back the fucking tank

They have to come HARD with this one, and it cant be as boring as IV.

Ewww, things named IV sucks. GTA, SF, ect. LOL.

No. Less of the crap. I don’t want to go bowling or play darts or the fuck whatever in a GTA game, I can do that shit in real life. More crazy side missions please.


Same here, main reason I get bored as shit due tothe SR series is due to the shitty writing. GTAIV had some flaws but I still put it as top in the seires due to the story.

Holy shit. GTAV? Where are the doubters that swore it would never happen now?

I wonder how many reviewers would concede now that they gave GTA ridiculously high marks. If this game is even half as fun as GTAIV is, people will still buy the shit out of it :tup:.

I liked san andreas the best. the world was HUGE, the voice acting was on point (I felt like I was in NWA), and the missions were diverse and fun (except the flying missions UGH), and there were a shit ton of side quests/games you could play such as arcades, racing, demolition derbies, and so on. there were also cool RPG elements to it. i bought gta 4 but never beat it.

No more dates and bring back some of the silliness. Keep the hilarious physics engine though.

After GTAIV I can’t say I’m excited about GTAV. I was never able to beat GTAIV and I bought it twice (PS3, full bundle on steam). I probably played 14+ hours and didn’t have fun at all. The GTAV trailer is going to have to blow me away for me to care and I hope to God they have a better main character this time around.

Only thing fun in GTAIV is free roam online, I havent had the game since 2008, and I heard that was made different, for the worse after some later change.