Hey SRK’ers!

Those who were in the market for a fully custom stick would have heard of me. For those who don’t know thought, I am one of many stick builders who built quite a few sticks for people here.

Please check out my past work here:

My feedback is:

Anyway, I originally wanted to create a website to post my work and for people under 6 months who don’t have pm to order using a easy form. But since i bought hosting and a domain name, i thought why not make sell parts on the side since I know a lot of Canadian has horrible experience with the long waiting time and heavy US->Canadian custom fees which include taxes and duty. I was one of them who got owned by customs, yeah they are extremely strict for anything coming into canada than out of canada.

Also, I know you guys are all real gamers and participate in tournaments so you guys must go through a lot of buttons and joytsicks etc… so I have special coupon codes for you guys, please check my next post. Please check the next post for any active coupon codes and specials! It will only be valid for Canadian buyers! Please don’t share this code to other forums but if you can let other people know of this site, that would be absolutely wonderful and appreciated.

Enough talking. Here are some of the featured/perks:

SiTong PS3/PC Board - This is a solderless PS3/PC PCB that comes with quick disconnects already wired up along with the usb cable! So all you have to do is connect the qds into each button and you are good to go!

  • All buttons will come with 2 quick disconnects that most new buyers tend to forget
  • Joysticks will come with a wiring harness (5 bucks in value) for no extra cost as well as a free green balltop to compensate for the extra
  • MC Cthulhu is available and will come with a 3 meters long USB cable with NO additional Cost
  • Avoid possible customs fees and longgggggggg waiting period if you are canadian

This is my first time building a website, so I apologize if anything do not work as intended, I have tested it and it seems to be working fine but if something don’t work or you get some kind of error, please pm me or email me at

Kind Regards,

GT Arcade


For Canadians I have created a special coupon code that will continue for these 2 weeks!

Active Coupon Code: CDN
Description: All Canadians will receive 10% off on all orders! CANADIANS ONLY!
Expires: Oct 18th, 2009

With this code a button is only 2.65 USD~!

Active Special:
MC Cthulhu PS3/PC board with 3m usb cable - $39.99 USD before coupon code! With coupon in, 35.99 USD!


Hey Eric,

Are you in the business of stick repair + upgrades to older sticks?


Nagata Lock II - pm’ed




Hey bro, just wondering if you upgrade/dual mod sticks.
I have a SE fightstick for the 360 that I would like to dual mod to work with the PS3 and I would also love to swap all the parts to sanwa.

Im also getting a TE for the 360 very soon too and would like to dual mod that as well.

If you can do this please let me know how much. I really need this lol.


Why are like half the people involved with Canadian SF named Eric?

And here I thought it was unique…



EDIT: Do you sell american cases? also, do you have a Solderless CTHULU 360 board


$35.99 MC Cthulu!?! Good lord! Expect orders soon!


thanks for all the support guys, it means a lot to me to keep this running cuz profit is very tiny…
If you are ordering a single MC Cthulhu board please pm me seperately with ur shipping info so i can give you a more accurate shipping quote because my boxes in my warehouse are desgined for multiple items.




Do you sell cherry switches? I’m looking to stockpile some.


Site looks nice, man!

Take heart, we have a good name. :tup:


Well iunno all the Erics I met mash a lot. Anyway, GTArcade will be the place for canadians to get their arcade parts besides Playdium Sauga.


you should be thankful your name isn’t matt.


thanks everyone for your support! as for other parts what i have on the site is what i carry, i have some white/red 24mm sanwa that i will post up soon

thanks again!


I always figured I could psyche out my opponent by making a lot of noise.


Good shit!!

I’ll definitely be ordering a stick-worth of components real soon.


Hey Eric,

Nice to know that somebody is able to do this.
I have a 360 Hori stick.

Inquiring about:
-Changing the stick to Sanwha
-Changing buttons to Sanwha
-Want to make this a dual for PS3 and 360 as well.

-How much am I looking at here?

Let’s hope that the wireless stick that Tekken 6 is getting works well.



I’m also interested in dual modding my 360 TE stick, I’ll place an order very soon.


FreezerB and I just dropped an order for a 4 MC Cthulu’s - any chance we can do a meet/pick-up this weekend? FreezerB will PM you as well.

We’ll be paying cash since my PayPal account is FUBAR’d. Order #8.

Also, just because I’m a raging nerd, I’d feel a lot better shopping on your site if you used SSL for any/all pages where personal information is entered such as passwords or address. Just a suggestion from a shopper :slight_smile: