Hey SRK’ers!

Those who were in the market for a fully custom stick would have heard of me. For those who don’t know thought, I am one of many stick builders who built quite a few sticks for people here.

Please check out my past work here:

My feedback is:

Anyway, I originally wanted to create a website to post my work and for people under 6 months who don’t have pm to order using a easy form. But since i bought hosting and a domain name, i thought why not make sell parts on the side since I know a lot of Canadian has horrible experience with the long waiting time and heavy US->Canadian custom fees which include taxes and duty. I was one of them who got owned by customs, yeah they are extremely strict for anything coming into canada than out of canada. So far, none of my customers got dinged for customs from Canada to US.

Enough talking. Here are some of the featured/perks:

SiTong PS3/PC Board - This is a solderless PS3/PC PCB that comes with quick disconnects already wired up along with the usb cable! So all you have to do is connect the qds into each button and you are good to go!

  • All buttons will come with 2 quick disconnects that most new buyers tend to forget
  • Joysticks will come with a wiring harness (5 bucks in value) for no extra cost as well as a free green balltop to compensate for the extra
  • MC Cthulhu is available and will come with a 3 meters long USB cable with NO additional Cost
  • Avoid heavy customs fees and longgggggggg waiting period if you are canadian

Anyway, SRK has helped me a lot with a vast variety of resources, like gaming strategies as well as stick building. So to return the favor, I have created a limited time gift certificate of 5% as a friendly gesture to return to this community. Yes it isn’t much but for parts it is definitely a lot as I don’t mainstream in selling parts, so i don’t get the big discounts that other big stores carry, it’s just for the side since I carry quite a bit of inventory for a builder.

The coupon code is SRK, you enter it under redemption coupon when you check out. Minimum order must exceed $20 USD before the coupon can be activated. With this code, a button would only cost $2.80! MC Cthulhu is 42.75 AND you get a USB cable for free!

Please don’t share this code to other forums but if you can let other people know of this site, that would be absolutely wonderful and appreciated.

Thanks for all the support guys. Special thanks to Toodles, without him there won’t be builders, Mr Wizard for creating such a successful gaming community, and people who have contributed with guides that helped me get to this point of stick building.

This is my first time building a website, so I apologize if anything do not work as intended, I have tested it and it seems to be working fine but if something don’t work or you get some kind of error, please pm me or email me at

Kind Regards,

GT Arcade

Site looks nice. Best of luck.
Just a note: That’s a PS3 Cthulhu in the image for the MC.

crap :stuck_out_tongue:
let me take another one and post it asap, this pic was taken loong time ago when i got my first Cthulhu haha
thanks Toodles AGAIN

yo shadow u need to make the pics smaller. when i click large button it gives huge large pic and i cant see the whole pic.

Tested this on may Macbook Pro in Safari,

When you click on larger image a screen shows up that is bigger than the monitor and I cant even scroll.

The large pictures don’t need to be larger than 800x600.

I’m thinking that 600 x 450 should be good for netbook users. (1024 x 600 resolution LCDs)

oh man thanks for point that out guys
I will resize them after dinner and upload them as soon as i can.

Thanks a lot for the feedback, really appreciate it!

Since you are in Canada, I probably won’t be ordering, but I wish you the best of luck.

A lot of Canadians have a place to go to without getting charged duties just for plastic and metal to cross an imaginary line, and now will only have one incompetent postal service to deal with instead of two and the extortion ring you call Canadian Customs. Congrats of being the first online Canadian based store I know of.:clapdos:

are you going to be getting 24mm sanwa buttons?

A Canadian supplier? Hmm…

Who’s doing the currency conversion? It’s a bit off (Canadians end up paying a bit more).

Are you going to get more of a selection? Clear Seimitsus? LS-32s?

Your FAQ says that local pickup can be done at Pacific Mall. Where exactly? Name of the store?

Sorry for the probing questions. I just really want a good Canadian supplier.

**rtdzign **- thanks bud! I fixed the image issue, thanks a lot for poing that out as well!
**jayehs **- yes I will, but only 24mm white sanwa, they will be arriving in a week to two, but i also carry madcatz white and black as well, which was used on all the sticks i sold and will continue to. I will update the list once I get some time
**FreezerB **- I fixed the currency issue now :), i just forgot to update it since august 20th lol but now i installed a script that will update daily on its own. As for the selection, as of now, i won’t be carrying clear seimitsus anytime soon, but I do have LS32-02 on the way with the white sanwa 24mms. It is basically a LS32-01 but with a flat plate instead of the u plate. Oh no i just live around pacific mall, so we’ll have to arrange location.

Thanks guys

Congrats on the store, looks like I have a new place to buy parts from now.

Good to see we have a Canadian supplier now. One question though, and it may be a long shot since the parts is just a side thing to your custom sticks, but will you be getting button plugs?

fonzee - thanks bud, always glad to do business with ya
masked rider - i won’t be carrying buttons plugs for sure, because i can just drilled the number of holes at the customers request for their customs so yeah lol no need for button plugs, thanks bud hope to hear from you

Are you gonna get more OBSF in diff colors and some PS-14-KN’s?

kte03 - not anytime soon

Best wishes :slight_smile: I hope everything goes smooth for ya!

thanks a lot souji5, hope everything is well for ya! can’t wait till u get back into the wood cases scene!
if you ever need parts, i give a generous volume discount for builders

take care bud

I’ve never seen this Sitong board before. Is it comparable to a Cthulhu? Any US sellers?

Thrilled to finally see a canadian retailer with good prices! Expect an order soon :slight_smile:

Is there any chance for pick up instead of shipping?