OK for some reason the other thread was closed. Anyway, I finally secured the Friday off work so everything is ready to go.

I’m looking to rent a van so we should have six other people with me. It looks like:


That leaves three spots. Stephen has elected to find his own way to MAT with some of TOSF if I understoom him right so his spot is now open.

Roger? Eric? Ian? Wing? Kin? Parry Master Jay?

When I have the other three players, I’ll find the cost of the van and we’ll split it up seven ways. I really need the money up front as I don’t need any of this “I’ll pay you later” and then never see the cash.

Money match me vs Matt at mvc2!
cmon matt you owe me one!

Sorry you’re the one that will owe me after the match is over.

edit ya im gonna have to know how much its gonna cost before i can fully say im going.

Justin when is the date of this, maybe I’ll go . . . and give me a ball park figure as to how much it’ll cost

It’s Friday March 17th - Sunday March 19th. Last year I didn’t spend much money at all but we stayed at Lars last year and that’s not an option. Honestly the money spent is really how much we’ll blow at bars and/or clubs after games on Friday and Saturday so that’s up to you. The cost of splitting a van 7 ways and 2 hotel rooms between everyone won’t be much at all. Personally I don’t plan on spending more than $200 on the weekend and that’s probably way over budgeting.