GTASF @ East Coast Championships XIII (Now with log)

Hey everyone,

It looks like ECC is being moved. EVO East was cancelled and Jetphi will not be running another tourney. From all accounts, it looks like ECC will be held in Virginia. For those of you wondering, it’s around 900km drive (8 hours). I haven’t crunched numbers yet but basically it’d be the same cost as the traditional ECC/EVO East trip with a bit more money going into gas.

Any thoughts? I’m very much on board with this tournament. I’ve been wanting to hit up C3 (the venue) for a long time.

Count me out.

I will definitely look into on whether or not the Asian girl from last ECC will be there though.

lol Virginia

yes i am

What tournies are you considering this year?

EVO World

One tourney a month for the next four months.

From what I understand, the Montreal Crew plan to hold MAT VI on the same weekend as ECC. That could represent a problem. I guess we’ll cross that road if/when it happens.

Mtrl > ECC

If you guys are going to stay at the dulles international hotel area i would like to come along seeing on how the day i wont be playing i could visit family/friends. Actually i probably would only stay for one day at the hotel depending on whether my tournament lasts 2 days. Other days i would spend at families, any chance this is gonna happen though?

:rolleyes: ok? :rolleyes:

lol friends.


I might be interested.

lol scrub potemkins -.- MM?

Whos going for 3s?

can i go?
how much is it gonna cost for the trip?

drive a car down Justin lets go!

Alright so things are coming together. Right now my van looks like:

Nagata Lock II
JS Master
Free Spot

The spots are NOT first come first serve. I already have two people in mind for them and will fill them accordingly. Is anyone else planning to hit this up? A second car is definitely going to be necessary from the look of things.

what is the cost?

X-Men players,

Me and umthrfkr both reside in VA, aka if you want to come you can get scraped all day, get enough xmen heads for a Canada vs US match IMO.<3

JS Master has taken one of the reserved spots.