GTASF @ East Coast Championships XIII (Now with log)

common lets get dat last spot !!

So when Gerjay takes the last spot, this means Ex_Matt wins Marvel in Montreal. If their tourney is the same weekend

don’t worry mat ill be at matt to make sure you dont win =) Just gotta make sure you dont hulk up on barcardi and PJ qwiglies

hahaha I might have to make the drive to PJ wigglesworth in the morning.

Time to crunch the numbers:

Van rental: $205

KM’s: 1300 * .15 = $195

Gas: 70L * 1.20 * 4 = $336

Hotel: $100 * 2 = $200

Total Mandatory Cost: ($936 / 5 = $188) OR ($936 / 6 = $156) OR ($936 / 7 = $135)

Site Fee = $20
Game Fee = $10

Food and other stuff is completely up to you guys. Most US tournies I take $250 with me because you never know what will come up or if you’ll blow money on MM’s and what not.

It’s an 880km drive. I added in another 100km for random driving around that we’ll probably be doing. They give you the first 600km free on the rental. Just thought I’d put that in there in case people were wondering where the 1300km figure came from. I’m going to talk to the van rental place and see if we can get the km’s reduced to 10 cents instead of 15 cents as it represents a savings of $60 off the total.

You’ll note the TMC is for 6 or 7 people because we currently only have six. The last spot is likely to go to Dice01 as he had requested it. It was being held for Gerjay but he informed me yesterday that he is not attending. If Alex takes the last seat then we’re all set to go.

I sent out a text message to everyone that said they were on board today. Right now the list is:


Waiting to get confirmation from:


When all six or seven are locked up. I’ll throw everything on my VISA and everyone will pay me when I see them the day we’re leaving.

Yea I’ll go when are we expected to leave

I need you guys to meet at my place in Hamilton. I’d prefer to do it like last year wherein we leave here no later than 5:00am so we can get there around 1:00pm and have time for casual.

On a side note, Eric is out. He has to work. There is another open spot.

So Bry dropped out this morning. There are two spots currently available. One of them is tentatively filled already but I’d still like to get the full van. Anyone know someone interested? I’d prefer another heavy hitter 3S player but anyone decent that we all know we could tolerate for a couple of days would do at this point.

Cost has been updated with final quote from the rental car place along with the proper costs from the hotel (it’s $89/night, not $79 as quoted in the ECC thread) with taxes included. I also put in the cost if we split it five ways.

Alright so we’re all set with 7 players. Patrick and Bill filled in the last two spots.

I need everyone to make sure they’ve got the van rental + mileage money with them. That’s $58 from everyone. I need that money before we leave because it’s staying behind so I don’t spend it. If you want to give me $60 each that’s fine and I’ll give you $2 back in USD when we get to a rest stop.

I’d like to leave no later than 5:00am on Saturday morning. The registration ends at 2:00pm so that doesn’t leave us a big window to work with. Please don’t have a repeat of last year where I ended up waiting an extra hour for everyone to show up. EVO East had a registration that ended at 5:00pm so we had room to work with. This had no room at all and the director has been really tight with no late entries. If we make this trip for nothing I’m going to freak for the 8 hour drive back.

For the five guys coming in from Toronto, please co-ordinate among yourselves and make sure you can get to my place for 5:00am. Bill will have already come in from Waterloo on the Friday night. If people want to come the night before and crash to make life easier to leave that’s perfectly fine by me. I’ll be home by 7:00pm on the Friday night and people are welcome to come any time after that. You can stay up and play casual all night for all I care.

Things you’ll need:

  • Passport w/2nd piece of photo ID
  • Toothbrush
  • Deoderant
  • Clothes for 3 days: Remember that we come back Monday
  • Spending Money: remember that the budget I put in was the mandatory costs. We’ll still need cash for food, registration, and whatever else you might want to pick up when you’re out there.
  • Stick: after Samir’s incident last year I don’t know how many Americans are going to loan GTASF players their sticks. Please bring one if at all possible. Also, LABEL WHATEVER GEAR YOU BRING!

it’s too bad you dont’ have my gdlk driving abilities to get you there faster.

I’d prefer your Godlike GPS.

Actually, if anyone coming has a GPS that’d be very helpful.

Does the Van have a tv inside if so I can bring my ps2

as usual, ill be bringing the tv/power source…just isn’t a trip without it


I came 9th in CvS2 (28 players) (Lost to Paul Wall and Skisonic)
I came 9th in ST (37 players) (Lost to two guys I’ve never heard of)

3rd Strike is still going on. I believe there were 52 players. All of our guys are either out or in losers. AdamB got sent to losers in the 2nd round by Deviljin. Antoine got sent to losers in the 3rd round by Marn. Stephen, Antoine and Adam are still in losers (what a surprise). Me, Dice and Bill are all out (what a surprise).

I hate Arcana Heart 2. They made Konoha fucking stupid.

We got lost… 3 times? I paid $5 to make a U turn at a toll booth. Worst raping of my life.

Denny’s in the US is honestly designed to kill you as quickly as possible with deliciousness.

I’m up in Arcana Heart. UGH!

If you get a chance to reply, how’s Patrick doing in 3S? Did he even end up going? Good luck to the remaining players.

Patrick didn’t go.

3rd Strike (52 entrants)
DarkDragon (9th) (Lost to NYC Joe & Deviljin)
AneurysmX (9th) (Lost to Marn & Sergio)
AdamB (13th) (Lost to Deviljin & Sergio)
Dice01 (25th)
Nagata Lock II (33rd)
Bill307 (49th)

Stephen pulled off the upset knocking Exodus out of the tournament before losing to Deviljin. Adam and Antoine were both eliminated by Sergio (NYC).

Teams (3S & GGAC) are today at 4:00pm. Stephen and Alex didn’t get to enter GGAC singles as it started at noon. There was no way we could have made that time barring leaving the day before.

I haven’t done one of these in a while but I’ve got some time so I figured why not.


I don’t play much of anything anymore. I like to play Alpha 3 and ST on GGPO using my anniversary pad (which is now broken). My sticks have been out of commission for two months and left at Finkle’s place for repair so I haven’t played casual either. That’s always a good start going into a major. Vanny and I pick up our sticks on Wednesday (awesome job on Vanny’s Tekken stick with new buttons) and get in some CvS2 to start shaking my rust. Anyway, I spend Thursday night trying to get my execution back to a level that isn’t a disgrace and Friday doing the same thing.

Bill307 comes in from Waterloo around 8:00pm. First off, I want to give Bill props for making a 2 hour bus ride from Waterloo just to make sure that he could take a 9 hour car ride to this tournament. I remember when the majority of us had that kind of time and actual dedication to playing SF. Nowadays if something is more than 1/2 hour away its just not worth the while. But anyway, we play some 3rd Strike and Arcana Heart. My Arcana game is GARBAGE and it’s obvious Bill has improved way beyond me in the couple months since I last played him at Lockdown. He’s got actual combos and is cutting all my recoveries off with Air Piledrivers and I’m doing the week 1 BnB’s still with shitty mixups.

We agree that sleep is high priority as we’re leaving at 5:00am. I pop two Nytol around 9:00pm and by 10:30pm I’m completely knocked out. The alarm goes off at 4:30am and I feel pretty good about it instead of the complete zombie I was for EVO East. You’d be surprised how much sleep you get when Jiggabry and Gerjay aren’t in your living room hammering on buttons and laughing about Marvel at random hours of the night instead of sleeping. Gerjay; you still owe me a chair from the one you broke last year thinking my dining room chair was a recliner when I have a reclining couch right behind you. Anyway, TOSF actually shows up on time (I was honestly shocked. Last year they were an hour late) and we can leave at a decent hour.

The trip was pretty uneventful driving wise. We get in the van and after we got gas they all go to sleep. Well that’s just fucking great. I mean I can’t blame them, the majority of them stayed up the entire night so they didn’t make Antoine late and Antoine himself stayed up all night and then drove across the GTA. I finally sucked it up and got a Red Bull for the first time in my life. GOD THEY’RE TERRIBLE! The smell is such a fucking turnoff. If it wasn’t so tasteless I would have just chucked it out the window. Also, how long is the whole “keep you alert” effect supposed to last? I figured it worked for about 1/2 hour before I wanted to completely fall asleep again. Not a good thing. So we make it to the border and there’s no one in any of the line ups (God bless early starts).

Guard: “Where are you going?”

Me: “Ashburn Virginia”

Guard: “What’s in Ashburn?”

Me: Video game tournament

Guard: … (every year I say this and every year the guard has no clue how to respond except at ECCIX where the guy was amazed and happy to talk about the very idea of competitive games).

Me: …

Guard: where?

Me: Ashburn

Guard: WHERE?

Me: …

Guard: …

Me: OH! ARCADE! C3! (make a note, no one in the van had a fucking clue what the hell the guard was getting at. In fact, aside from me, no one in the van knew the name of the venue). So he opens the van and the first thing he says to AdamB (our only brown rider) is “TAKE OFF YOUR SUNGLASSES!” UGH! It was like the beginning of a nightmare was about to happen. Amazingly he let us go without a hassle. I thought for sure with the bumpy conversation and him immediately gunning for Adam we were getting pulled to the side. We boot it out of the border and I immediately take the wrong exit (GREEEAAAT) but recover it nicely and there’s no rage meter.

So we drive for about five hours. The van was honestly silent for about four hours. The only time the silence was broken was me waking up Antoine to say “what’s the next exit?” I don’t know the last time I’ve been left with my thoughts that long but trust me it wasn’t a good thing. Random things that popped in my head included:

  • The Power Rangers Dino Thunder theme song

  • Trying to figure out the lineage of the WWF/WWE World Title

  • Wondering if I should actually run T9. You ever have a debate with yourself? It helps if you’re deleriously tired. I’m pretty happy that my rational side won (more on this later).

So we stop in this random buttfuck nowhere town after five hours of driving for food. I think we’d just entered the state of Virginia or we were right on the border of Pennsylvania and Virginia because the accents had that southern drawl now. We all noticed that every state has a different accent but couldn’t figure out why considering that some states basically just meld together. Anyway we walk into Denny’s and know it’s going to be a rough go of it. This guy, who I can only assume was on a work release program for the fucking stupid and/or handicapped was designated our greeter/waiter/whatever. He spends like five minutes looking for a table (I’m pretty sure he forgot he was getting us a table). Then we get a seat and he writes down our drink orders and… yeah. So ten minutes go by and he comes back and goes “someone threw away the paper with your drinks on it.” That lie is right on the level of a fucking idiot like him. So he gets our drinks and then apparently subs out for this fat ass bitch with an attitude problem.

waitress takes our order and walks away

Bill: Excuse me but can I…

waitress ignores him and waddles away

Me: NO!

Waitress stops and 3 tables look at us. She comes back.


Anyway Denny’s is basically death. We all agreed that “The Meat Scramble” is instant death. 2 egg Omlette with bacon/sausage/ham mixed in and it’s served with a side of 2 bacon, 2 sausage, and 2 ham. ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?! Most of our breakfast conversation consisted of wondering how anyone in the US manages to stay alive past age 21.

So everything is running smoothly until we actually get into the heart of Virginia. CUE THE RAGE METER! I knew something was going to fuck up when Google map directions called for a U Turn. Nothing good ever comes from directions that specifically state a U Turn is needed. So we get into this random town where this U Turn is supposed to happen but it’s only 1 lane in each direction and traffic is through the roof. We look for whatever street I’m supposed to swing onto is and no dice.

Justin: How long before we make the U Turn?

Alex: 0.4 kilometres


Alex: Sorry… I didn’t see it.

So we ask this old man who gives us a map drawn on like a napkin or something. He’s full of insane wisdom because he managed to direct us to 2 Holiday Inn’s instead of the one we needed. Anyway, I follow the map but of course take a horribly wrong turn and then I reached a new level of rage. We get off at the first exit to get back on the highway and IT’S GOT A TOLL! $2.60 JUST TO MAKE A U TURN! So I make the U Turn but didn’t take the fucking ticket from the first toll. OH MY GOD! I JUST PAID ANOTHER $2.60! $5.20 TO MAKE A FUCKING U TURN! OH MY GOD! To say I freaked is an engrossing understatement. I was fucking livid at the rape I just went through. Then Alex decides to rib me constantly for the rest of the day about how everything I did wasn’t as bad as paying $5 for a U turn. It was funny the first 5 times but after I while I basically told him to shut up. We FINALLY get to the hotel (again we needed help from random people on the street). Stephen notes that this is the nicest Holiday Inn he’s ever seen. I walk in and they don’t have my reservation. OH COME ON!

Me: Look, I just drove 10 hours from Toronto.

Guy: I’m sorry sir, but we don’t have any Mr. Baisden on record

Me: Does the Holiday Inn manage to lose reservations regularly? (what a dick)

Guy: This is the Hampton Inn (thus explaining Stephen’s thoughts)

Me: …

Guy: Good day sir (translation: you got fucking owned and I got the last word in)

So we finally check in and get settled. It’s lik 4:00pm now and whatever time we made up in great driving for the last 9 hours was shot to shit when we were basically 15 minutes away from the hotel. Ah well time for the tourney.

So of course we get lost on the way to the venue. This time the directions are just flat out wrong and completely leave out the actual street off the freeway we’re supposed to take (that or its been renamed). So we lose another 1/2 hour finding the place. We walk in and immediately Havoc tells me I have a match in CvS2. Like I haven’t even said hello to anyone yet and I’m getting bombarded with “GO TO THIS TV!” So who’s my first opponent? Paul Wall.


Paul Wall (1st Round): Coming in cold after basically 10 hours combined driving is such a brutal recipe for disaster. Paul elects for K CBS, which I know isn’t even his “good player team.” He puts Sagat on point with Cammy as anchor so I configure the team in Guile/Kim/Vega(2) formation to counter. I remember playing Paul back at T7 and he hasn’t changed too many habits. His K CBS plays a lot like Ian’s. We go back and forth and he wins the first game. I take the second one down. Third game was really a mess. I have a brain fart when I elect to gamble doing a backflip and immediately go into lvl2 kick super with Vega on the hope he would start with a Cannon Drill. Of course he doesn’t, I blow my hole bar and can’t re-build for the Claw Super I’d need. Hey look, the losers bracket.

IraqPat (1st Round - Losers Bracket): I’m pretty sure he goes with C Vega/Sagat/Blanka(2). I go with my natural formation of Vega/Kim/Guile and it isn’t pretty. My Vega does the bulk of the work and Kim cleans up. Second game is pretty much the same except I managed to get in the complete Stomp Super combo to finish the match. I don’t even think anyone was watching. Figures…

BB Hood (2nd Round - Losers Bracket): BB Hood is Deviljin’s little brother. He uses A Nako/Bison/Sakura(2). I’m convinced that no one on the planet knows how to use Nakoruru properly except for Wing. This match did nothing to disprove that theory. I completely take him apart with Vega as he doesn’t rush nearly as well as Wing and telegraphs all his jump ins. Near OCV in the first match, OCV in the second match.

PVFP (3rd Round - Losers Bracket): I believe I OCV’d this guy at Seasons Beatings II. If it wasn’t him then it was someone who looked just like him. Either way, he goes with a traditional Vega/Bison/Blanka(2) and I stick with my usual formation because that’s how I play it against Noodleman and he’s way better than this guy. I came within a hair of double OCV’ing him.

Skisonic (4th Round - Losers Bracket): I was really looking forward to this match. I’ve known Christian for four years now and we’ve never played each other in any game except one set of Arcana Heart. I made sure to watch his match with Justin Wong to get an idea of what I’d be up against and wasn’t worried. He uses Rolento/Hibiki/Blanka(2) and I switch it up running Kim/Vega/Guile for all the natural counters. The first game was just nasty. Rolento really has no answer for Kim. His jumping HP just eats up Rolento’s natural AA in S.MP and it’s an instant combo every time. Completely destruction in the first game and I didn’t have to use Guile. The second game he uses Maki instead of Rolento. Then it happens, I elect to change styles and chase him instead of turtling. What a mess. I’d build a lead and then try to roll super or do something creative and eat a CC. Third game was even worse, I built a near 2 character lead and then flushed it all down the drain.

So much for CvS2. 9th place finish makes me sick. If I beat Skisonic, I’d have lost to Arturo anyway to finish 7th but losing games you know you should win just sucks.

I don’t even know why I entered this tournament.

Saisyu (1st Round): I haven’t got a clue who this guy is so I ask around. Everyone tells me he’s a “really gimmicky Alex.” ALEX?! WHO USES ALEX?! So now I’m freaked out because the only experience I have with 3S is through GGPO and NO ONE uses Alex. The set was just stupid. The guy really is a gimmick machine, using lots of odd unsafe ways to do damage. I really had no answer for it until near the end of the second game when I was parrying everything but couldn’t get any of my xx supers off and it was GG.

Urien Guy (3rd Round - Losers Bracket): I got a bye in losers. I think this guy was from New York. He had a bunch of buddies yelling for him. Urien is my worst matchup by far when I play on GGPO. This guys wasn’t that great but had just enough to beat my Chun. I switched to Ken and take the second game. Third game pissed me off. I get the MP HP xx fireball xx super in the corner and recycle it with the cross up but missed the super rotation after the fireball. My brain froze because I thought it was over and let go of the stick. Of course he just eats a fireball and makes the comeback. FUCK! NEVER LET GO OF THE STICK!

Some Guy (1st Round): I really can’t remember the guy’s name. We’ll call him generic black guy. This one is total rape. He elects to use Balrog. I’ve been playing ST on GGPO for weeks now and my game is pretty sharp against Vega’s counters/coin flips. If he’d abused headbutt traps better it’d have been a different story. 2 - 0 without much trouble.

Shag (2nd Round): Ah the old Vega mirror. I was talking to Justin Wong about this matchup like 20 minutes beforehand randomly. I was talking about how much I like the throw game and he said don’t bother, just look for one knock down and Claw Dive him to death because Vega’s flip kick is a bitch if you mixup the claw dive properly. There’s a reason why he’s a world champ in so many games. The advise works to a tee, completely destruction and another 2 - 0 win.

Steve Harrison (3rd Round): Now this one I wasn’t sure about. Steve is one of those “I’m good at everything” players but I’d never seen him play ST before. He uses Ryu and I’ve got tons of experience against Ryu with Vega. Steve is an execution machine. He was on Dogberry level with the deep Dragon Punches. I noticed he relied a lot on gimmick moves though, a lot like I used to use with Ryu when I first picked up ST again a few years ago. I elect to gamble already down a game to test my theory on beating his gimmicks to the punch. Sure enough I was right. I just overpowered him with psychic offense and took the next two games without much trouble. He was completely baffled by it, just staring at his hands when I tried to offer a handshake.

David Doyle (4th Round): I haven’t got a clue who this guy is. I figured it was going to be a cakewalk. Man was I ever wrong. He uses Ryu and boy did he ever abuse the cross up hurricane kick trap. Is that a coin flip on the block? If so, I lost a lot of coin flips. I never got any offense going. The guy crushed me 2 - 0.

ILoveU (5th Round - Losers Bracket): I was a bit surprised to see this guy making it so far. He beat DarkDragon in 3S earlier and it was really sloppy stuff. I figured I was going to be up against an overpowered character like Bison/Balrog because they can make up for a lack of skill. He picks O Sagat (sounds about right). I’ll admit I don’t play this matchup often. First game was tight but I took it down. Second game I had the match won but the stick made me wall jump instead of Claw Dive. See here’s the thing. The guy who loaned me the stick (it was DC ST and I had to borrow an Agetec) warned me the stick was acting up. I was desperate and figuring that I’m only using Vega, I don’t have to worry about rotations. Sadly I didn’t account for movement from down to up. So we go to the third game and it’s tight. He’s laying down low Tiger Shots and I’m just waiting for a pause in the tiger shots (when players anticipate a claw dive they stall so they can do a Tiger Uppercut and if there’s no jump they throw another Tiger Shot). So I wait for the stall, he does it, I immediately claw dive and there’s the low tiger shot as it should be but WAIT! THAT’S NOT A CLAW DIVE! ANOTHER WALL JUMP! NOOOOOOOO! Watching Vega wall jump is like slow motion. Of course he Tiger Uppercuts me because my very small window of psychic greatness is gone and that’s that. Brutalized by a stick I was warned not to use.

To be continued…


And Hampton Inn ownage is too beastly :rofl:

Gonna get dem menu and food pictures up today.

As for pictures of the drive… well honestly, it was ALL TREES, everywhere you could see, with random houses, farms, and ads scattered here and there. (Actually it was really cool at first to look around at the top of a hill and see endless forest.) So I’ll quickly pick out one trees shot and upload it: it all looked the same, anyway.