Gtasf @ Evo East #2

MAinly why I am making a thread here because I don’t want to get nagatas and Dark Dragon Arrangments mixed up,

Right now Myself and Roger are confirmed to go and are renting a vehicle. We are looking into renting a car . Hotel and other crap well have to figure out there, worse comes to worse ill bring spare sleeping bags for the odd ppl out so we only really need 1 room.

If you can set aside $300 roughly then that should be sufficient for the travel.

The car currently hold 5, minus me n R1B, so there are officially 3 spots open. Samir has expressed interest but unsure (get ur act together son), otherwise there is space so let me know !!

I’ll let you know by the end of the week if I’m going. Hope the 3 spots don’t fill up by then. :wasted:

Dice come get me.

Don’t worry manaboy, I’ll come pick you up the day before.

If I go it’ll just be for Tekken, hope that’s cool with the rest of the crew.

so u only got 2 spots left ok

U know thats a fukin big detour I got to make to get ur ass !!

Lord talk to Roger about it aswell pre register now so i can officially confirm that shit !

NAzir hurry ur ass up boi !!

And Antoin do u still want to reach ?

If u come get me, Ill give you free cookies.

Dice send me “the video” but don’t let the secret out just yet.

k, unless some one can sign me up ill just pay when we get there cuz i dont have a credit card.

NOT YET !!! :wgrin:

Ok I confirmed now 3 people goin, Damn lord pm ur info if u want in, Common Nazir make it dam it !! I really want to bring strong representation, even mvc2 n cvs2 cats i’ll take

Nice… ditch me and Shaun.


Hey Dice looks like I will need to get a ride from you guys

Nice check ur pm

Just spoke to Dice, the official list for our car right now is:


Unless someone drops out (highly unlikely), i think we are filled.

:confused: What happened to Nazir? No Guilty Gear for Alex? :confused:

Yeah guys I don’t know if I’ll be able to go this early, budget issues. So it’s best not to wait for me and just give it to someone else. Thanks though.

I was really hoping Nazir could make it for a 2nd unit ggxx team but to bad, I’ll be rutting anyways for our strong team DD, Pui n K2 for now and regardless i am in the 3s tourny so it not a lose at all for me I’ll prolly hopefully get some casuals in for both games.

Anyways bottom line is GTASF is bringing very strong representation in 3s, MvC2, Slash n CvS2 so im pretty hyped about dat

poor lord