EVO East is about six weeks away and as some of you know, I plan on attending. I will be renting a van (unless someone has a van to use) and leaving on Friday morning, returning on Sunday night. I am taking:


Now here’s the deal. After the TGA mess (which I’m still hearing about on AIM), I’m looking for at least a partial guarantee that people that say they are coming, are actually coming. There is a pre-registration site for EVO East. If you plan on attending this event and you’re looking for a ride from me, I want to see that you’ve pre-registered for the event. As you can see from the site, there’s a pretty stiff penalty for not pre-registering so it’s in eveyone’s best interest to do so. If you don’t have a credit card, you can pay someone to put it on their’s. Either way, that’s the stipulation for a lift.

Leave a post here or find me on MSN when you’ve pre-registered so I can lock up spots.


link to evo east pre-reg site would be nice.

Click on the banner scrub.

Unless you’ve got that shit adblocked.

Justin im down dude i dont have a credit card can u sign me up and ill pay u for it?

im down as always…

I’m willing to bet a million dollars Justin wont do A-Deal any favours regarding this tournament.

Will there be Break Steaks? If so, I’d like to go.

No break steaks.

Couldn’t they just bring the break steak with them from Jersey?

That shit goes bad 15 minutes after it leaves the grill unfortunately.

I’m down, before i prerigster though, i would like to confirm there’s a spot for me.

I’ve had a couple of PM’s about cost and figured this would be easier:
Current relative exchange rate is $1.13CDN for every $1USD

Registration = $20USD

Tournament = $10USD (x how many you enter)

Van = $55CDN

Gas = $40CDN

Hotel = ($105USD x 3 nights)/4 people per room

Food = ???

I’m not doing everyone’s math for them.

Sidebets = $500 USD.

I will go if people don’t want to, but I’m a pot filler so I’ll let others have priority.

:rolleyes: Everyone is a pot filler aside from Roger, Eric, Bryan, Gerjay and any nutty 3S player. :rolleyes:

o la la, so expansive for such a poor student like me :stuck_out_tongue:

If its too much, save your money for evo north!!!
You, me and that button masher can take it np:wink:

Someone called for me??
and its “that pad button masher who mashes 2 macro buttons” tnx

evo north?
please explain more
i just know…

  1. evo is a big tournament
  2. top banner = North east south west central?
  3. is far

there are 5 evos: North, South, East, West and the BIG Evo which is in Las Vegas

Evo East is in the east coast while Evo North is in the Midwest (Chicago)
They actually should be the same distance from Toronto (8-9 hr drive)

A cool thing about Evo North is that the hotel is literally a step across the street from the arcade, which games are a nickel a game (5cents up to 35 cents)