GTASF @ EVO North The Remix


Okay so from what i’ve read, Curt has bailed on going to Evo North. I’m planning on putting together a group to go down to the MWC.

So far, the people that are confirmed are:

-JS Master

I know the following people are really interested;

-Lord Magnus

I can do this two ways, i can drive my own car again, or we can rent a van. I’m not old enough to rent a van, so if someone steps up (Roger or Dice) and can get a van i wouldn’t mind helping with the driving. I’m also going to need someone with a Credit Card so we can book a hotel room. If my card comes in before then, i can rent the room myself.

My point for making this thread though, is that shoot me a PM if your interested and/or can provide the crew with a Credit Card. Spots are gonna fill up quick, send those PMs.


Campig trip that weekend bro gona have to leave this one out :s


I’m down and I can legally drive anywhere other than newyork state so its all good… also i got a link on renting a van where I dont have to be 25 so its all good so those who are interested step forward


Hey, I’m kinda interested, do you know what times you guys will leave and at what time you guys will get back?