OK after all the bullshit that went down at EVO East, I’m going to add an extra tourney to my list before getting out. I’d like to assemble a van or two for EVO North in Chicago. Same rules apply in my van as last time, you have to be registered first on the EVO North site (opens this coming Friday).

I’ll most likely be in but let me check my schedule and work.

I’m almost 100% sure I’ll be going to this for 3S so just post the details and how much it’s gonna cost.

if I go, it’s been decided: AdamB, AneurysmX, and C-Royd are going to cheat.

:rofl: I will do everything I can to defend you despite obviously doing so. :rofl:

Bringing Samir is a MUST

Yep… it’d be a wasted trip without stirring up shit with Samir in the middle of it.

Ugh, I’m gonna check my money/school situation. I’d love to head out to another major, but seeing as this is less than 4 weeks away it might royally screw me out of marks (or be fortunately right after a final and before another course starts).

After checking my schedule, I have my final on the thursday just before it from 10-12, meaning I’d love to go (and again without doing my usual beastly pre-tourney trianing :sad:)

i’m subscribing just so i won’t miss the drama.

ok but let’s just keep it between you and I. You know, the OG’s.

hmmm another chance to win money eh

Somebody rep this man.

Justin tape that shit this time around.

I’m in almost 100% too…do you need a passport to cross the border? Or can you just bring citizenship/ID/birth certificate? Also, when would we leave?

when is it ? i actually interested in going, due to having nothing to do this summer. if it is after summerschool, i really want to go

Couple of notes for people thinking about it.

The distance to Chicago is pretty much the same as the distance to Stamford so the costs would be the same. Assuming we had 7 people…

$65 CDN for the van rental
$40USD in gas
$45USD for the hotel (that may be higher or lower depending on rates)
$20 for registration site fee and $10 for every tourney entered

I usually recommend putting aside $100USD in incidental costs.

The route to Chicago goes through Windsor so whoever would be riding with me would have to find their way to my place in Hamilton as the jump off point.

C.Zinck would like to go, only issue is passport renewal business.

Good news (concerning passport issues)!

justin any update on this, are at least a couple people willing to go so far?

There’s actually more people wanting to go than I have room for. I’m exploring two van options.

I’ll update this thread soon.