The more I think about it is the more I realize I really don’t want to attend this event. At first I was motivated by showing everyone that GTASF could take care of business without controversey but everything has kind of simmered down and I really don’t want to go through organizing another road trip and an eight hour solo drive each way. If someone else wants to step up to organize by all means do so but I’ll take a pass.

Lol owned. Roger? You still up for this?

Wow Mihai has postive rep?

i have 578 rep points. And DarkDragon and AneurysmX only explain to me like a month ago wtf they were.

I don’t think it will last… I had 3 little green things and now I have only one

What are these rep things anyways ? how do they work

When u say shit ppl like to hear, they can rep you and u get more of those little green things. When ppl speak the truth, they neg rep u and u lose the green little stars and they’re replaced by red ones.