Gtasf @ Mat Iv

I thought a thread like this would be easier for GTASF/TOSF players instead of waiting for the official thread on the weekend. It looks like Montreal Annual Tournament IV will be on the weekend of 03/17 - 03/19. I am most definitely going to this tournament and I’d like to know who has a serious interest in attending with me.

If we can’t find a van, I’d like to rent (just as a heads up).

I don’t know if we’ll luck into housing like last time (big thanks to Lars BTW) so we’ll also have to find a cheap hotel that we’ll basically never sleep in.

I’m not looking to stir up shit but I will personally make sure that if Teddy wants to come I will take him in my car/van/whatever…

Anyone interested please drop a line here and we’ll start co-ordinating.

Any info available on type and quality of sticks?

Dont worry, they aren’t jap sticks., so the sticks work fine.

I’m down for this if I dont goto texas showdown

im going.

I believe they’re US 360’s (anyone more familiar with this stuff) and I also know that I executed very well on them even on game #1 of casual. I’m sure you’d be able to make the US transition with little to no trouble.

Im going! can you come pick me up justin?

It looks like I’ll be renting a van for our trip. What I need are confirmations from people who’d like a spot. I figure the van holds 7 people including myself. The only one I know for sure is attending with me is Jiggabry so there are five spots left.

  • Me
  • Jiggabry
  • EX Matt

I’ll update this post as the names come in. I figure Gerjay and Matt are a lock as well.

Note: There’s a spot reserved for Stephen. He was gracious enough to drive us last year and I’m making sure that if he wants a spot he’s going to get it.

Ya count me in, im too broke for texas.

How much monies are required?