GTASF & MTLSF @ EVO East: 05/23 - 05/26

With MAT on hiatus pending some changes from their new directors, the next tournament I will be going to and/or overseeing for the GTASF will be EVO East. In all likelihood it’s going to be held at the same venue as last year. As a result, the costs should be as follows:

Registration = $20USD

Tournament = $10USD (x how many you enter)

Van = $60CDN

Gas = $40CDN

Hotel = ($105USD x 3 nights)/4 people per room

Obviously there are extra costs like food, entertainment, etc… but I’m not going to account for that as it’s dependant on the player.

I’m bringing this thread up a lot earlier than I normally would because I also wanted to address the 3rd Strike community both within the GTASF and MTLSF. EVO East this year has taken over as the Super Battle Opera qualifier. If it follows the format that TGA has setup the last couple of years, that means a paid flight to Japan to take on the best 3S players in the world. I would honestly like to assemble the biggest combined Canadian team to ever hit up a US major. The more teams we have, the better chance that Canada takes out the US and finally takes the qualifier spot that we all know Canada deserves.

If you’re interested in attending, please post up here. It’s a hell of a lot of notice and obviously there’s a big incentive. Train up, join up, and take it down.

Oh yeah… 80% combo.

I’m in.

Beezie, train me

dropthesky, i didnt create my own account…so i feel kinda weird if someone addresses me as Beezie…lol…call me Kumar :stuck_out_tongue:


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Justin makes a separate thread for these events so that people can have an easier time organizing it without having to read through a bunch of spam posts, you dumb fucks.

I looked for the tournament thread for Evo East but couldnt find it. Is there a link?

Hopefully MAT won’t be around the same date.

I want in, although I’m told I made a comment that got you very angry at me, so I don’t even know if you’ll take me.

i guess not yet, but soon time

is evo east the sbo qualifier for 3s only or is it also the qualifier for AC… or do they not get another one for AC??

:rolleyes: You a idiot :rolleyes:

So Gerjay is on board. I’ll be taking a van as per usual so there are five spots left. I’ll be frank in saying that I’m not making it first come first serve. If you want in and I want to take you I will.

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ill be the first to second that

Dice are you going to rent a van?

Justin, would you be able to book us rooms again (with us paying you first if you want) if we’re able to organize a van of our own?

Yeah that’s no problem.

I think I can take some vacation time off

Evo east can suck my balls, but im in for mtrl.

evo east reach!