GTASF MVC2 Ryan (SG) vs Shaun race to 100 see whos better

For everyone who wanted to know which one of us was better at marvel we had a race to 100 that lasted 8 and a half hours.

Final Score

Shaun (100)
Ryan (97)

no vids.

you must feel special

haha, knew it

i had a g on shaun

Soft, i had 7 g’s on Ryan.

wtf who is virtuo guy im a fuckin g guy ill own everyone for some stuff guy!!

g3nn: 27
C-Royd: 0

…I hope this is a joke

Worst fucking thread ever. Why wasn’t this just posted in the T.O. thread.

100-97 is too close, do it again

Dollar matches to 100

green play me dollar matches to 100 ill use msp.

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im write a book it’s called
"Life after marvel"

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