GTASF Radio: Third show online at 10:00 pm EST, Sunday August the 2nd

GTASF Radio is a talk show geared towards people in Southern Ontario who play Street Fighter… but all of Canada is welcome to call-in and listen!

Basic Setup

To listen to the show, you will need Winamp, or VLC Player. I would recommend VLC Player over Winamp, as it works better at handling live streaming audio.

The show will also be broadcast in an MP3 format, so just click the link below and you should be able to listen in straight from your browser.

To listen to the show, click on this link:

That’s a browser based player, which should work fine in Firefox. Under the player there are a few links like “Winamp, Media Player, Real Player” etc.

If you want to run it in VLC, click on the Winamp link. It’s even simpler than I previously thought!


1st Show: Sunday June the 28th, at 9:00 pm EST.
2nd Show: Sunday July 12th, at 10:00 pm EST


There will be two ways to interact with the show. The first one is through IRC. We’ll be on #gtasfradio in the EFnet server. If you’ve never used IRC, or have had problems running it before, CLICK THIS LINK

The second method is TEAMSPEAK. This is hopefully what the majority of the show will consist of. If you’re calling in:

[]Please have a decent microphone
]Turn off the stream while calling in
[*]Please try and wear headphones so it doesn’t feed back, but that should be obvious

I’m looking for volunteers who want to talk, who have either been to the SoGo tournament, or the upcoming Buffalo tournament. If you have any other relevant issues you’d like to talk about, feel free to call in as well. Post here or find me on MSN if you want to call in, and i’ll give you the teamspeak info.

People who want to call in on Teamspeak:

The Topic List

For the upcoming show, we’ll be talking about the POWNZ tournament, and the A&C games tournament.



You promised me permaops.


minus whale do it!

i’ll be calling in to discuss why Hisham is so gahbage. Actually i’m gonna talk about the Hamilton scene.

I demand to be the guest speaker for this.

2yg should be a topic

i agree.

2yg should be the radio theme song.


Looking forward to this, if I remember to listen in. I also have skype, however it’s a shame I have nothing of value to say.

You all shoulda heard me during one of my short presentations during college a few months ago. I walk up to the podium, and instead of introducing myself properly I just say:“Uh, hi I’m Josh…” with my teacher finishing for me by saying:“I’m a recovering alcoholic.” That smart ass.

OK, sorry that test link doesn’t work. I’ll try and find a stream that doesn’t require authentication so you guys can see if you can listen before tomorrow. (this is desi)

OK, I added in a better test stream

If you can listen to that, you should be ok.

Awesome, I will try to listen in myself (If I remember, I always forget stuff like this :sad:), doubt I’ll call in since I have nothing to talk about lol

Is there gonna be a way to listen to the show after, in case some people can’t tune in on time? Kinda like a podcast where you can download the show after

I will be trying to record it for sure.

Got VLC loaded up and waiting.

shouts to the east coast? Where we need people playing :slight_smile:

On the day you were booornnnnn

I only caught bits and pieces while at work. Good show from what I heard.

Is there no way to call in without Skype?