GTASF RanBat 1.0 (CvS2/MvC2/3S/Slash/A3)

With the vested interest in Ranking Battles among GTASF players, I am announcing the first GTASF RanBat Session.

GAMES: Capcom vs SNK 2, Marvel vs Capcom 2, 3rd Strike, Guilty Gear Slash, Alpha 3

DATE: Every 2nd Friday starting January 26th (Check the GTASF Tourney Calandar)

TIME: 7:00pm


FORMAT: 2/3 Falls Single Elimination. There is a MANDATORY 8 player requirement in effect. The format is to create a quick environment for the tournaments so players can get back to either casual or regular friday evening plans.

ENTRY: There is a one time $10 fee PER GAME to enter the ranbats. After that you only pay for your games. The entries will be held by ORBIT management until the end of the RanBat session.

POINT SYSTEM: 1st = 10 points, 2nd = 7 points, 3rd = 5 points, 4th = 3 points. The points not only go towards overall ranking but determine ranks at the next tournament two weeks later.

PRIZE PAYOUT: The $10 entry fee will go into a prize pool. The pooled money will be given out at the end of the RanBat session in a 70/20/10 distribution.

This thread will be updated through the four month period.

I work every Friday and will have no participation in these sessions short of randomly having the night off. It’ll be up to the players to find reliable directors (I suggest getting co-directors in case one can’t show that week) to keep the RanBats running consistently.

Good luck to everyone.

Great move for the community. I’m sure these will be lots of fun like the weekly tournies we had leading to T6.

I’ll be directing GGXX/ each session.

i can run cvs2 provided that i’m there and we can get 8 players :\

So orbit holds the money for 4 months?

mandatory 8 players eh. . .GG CvS2 lol

Lol, it’s going to disappear.

damn, just when i dicided to work fri,sat,sun at night =
it will be difficult to have 8players everytime for ggxx unless we change it to $2 fee O.O

but is this AWSOME, this is a one big event to host and to have for poor Toronto!

It’s a one time registration of $10 for 1 season (4 months).
Take fridays off. =/

oo, i get it~sry for being a noob
um…for those who are confused check out the calandar posted by nagata:confused:

Friday…well I won’t be able to make it seeing as how far I live from Orbit.

I have a few questions about the following.

Regarding the entry fee, any reason why it isn’t just $1 or $2 to join each time instead of a flat fee? That way people don’t have to pay for all of it collectively if they are unlikely to be able to attend every time. Also it might discourage people from joining later ones if they missed earlier ranbats, or if they hadn’t found out about it until near the end of the session.

About points, does that mean each ranbat determines the seeding of subsequent ranbats? I was under the impression that the idea of ranbats was to reward consistency (both in performance and attendance) so do you think maybe random seeding would make more sense? Not doubting anyone’s judgment but I wouldn’t mind knowing the reasoning behind it (I know nothing about seeding).

how does seeding NOT reward consistency? If you consistently place 4th, you’ll be seeded 4th…It’s the whole point of seeding…

Well individual ranbat results don’t matter that much in a multi-tournament system though, it’s the final rankings that count. The top players will ultimately come out on top (playing under all circumstances) even if they aren’t seeded the highest. I figured it would all even out at the end. Or maybe not.

(I don’t actually know)

Handing ORBIT $2 every two weeks is going to result in a giant envelope full of change. Not only are they not going to like it, the eventual winner is going to be hunkered down with unnecessary change. The second reason is that once invested, the entry works as an incentive to make sure people don’t feel like they wasted their money. Remember, there’s no prize at the end of each tourney so you really do want to earn that cash at the end by showing up every two weeks.

I am a very big believer that your rank in previous tournaments should determine where you are placed in subsequent tournaments. If you have a great player who doesn’t show up and feels he deserves a top rank regardless, that’s too fucking bad. Every player should have to put in the time and energy to get their rank and face the appropriate opponents. So from week #1, if you place well (which you should because the talent will get it done for you regardless) then you will get the appropriate rank in subsequent events and so on. Further to the point, if you have a talented player that was “upset” in an early tournament, he has as much as seven subsequent tournies to move up the ranks. Fair enough I’d say.

Is the 2P Marvel fixed yet?

I see your point about the incentive thing but its also not enough incentive. For me to drive to orbit it costs $10. I’m not gonna blow more money than I put up to play a single elim tourney every 2 weeks + rush hour traffic, especially for a game as random as marvel. Don’t get me wrong, the idea is good, but not convenient for anyone who has to travel a good distance to get to orbit.

I’ll run 3s every week.

As everyone knows, I’m very dependable when it comes to showing up at tournamenst.

lolol i can’t believe this is happening i’ll record some vids, i guess. oh i think putting the $10 flat gives people more incentive to show up than just paying each time. better for people to feel a loss so turnout can improve.

I love the idea… even if Sauga will have trouble getting the rankings they probably deserve, its a great idea. I probably won’t miss one, and I’m hoping it brings out those players who complain about 5-10 dollar entry fees. 10 dollars for 8 tournies!!! (Unless I can’t count…)

It’ll be interesting to see the final results for 3S, and for Marvel, it’ll be cool to see who holds down top 4 in the end, unless Bry finds a way to make every one :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty skeptical that this will work and stay afloat throughout its proposed timetable. Great idea… but who makes sure things get done, money paid, games are reported, standings updated, fairness enforced, etc etc.? It sounds like another KO Club initiative, with the organiser not even attending the events and a lot of effort required over a long period of time with no one taking responsibility/ownership of it.

That being said, I’ll try my best to help run the Marvel Ranbats, and if GTASF still has a site, I’ll write a web app where you can report the wins/loses with a database that will store the standings and provide next weeks seedings etc.

It’s really up to the community of each game to make it a success for each game. This doesn’t even really need an organizer but Nagata stepped up to schedule the RanBats in an organized manner to not conflict with other tournaments, and to make it more convenient for cross-game players to have the RanBats for all the popular fighting games on the same day. So the duties of registering the players, hosting the tournament, and ranking results should be up to the directors of course.

I would’ve started RanBats for GGXX regardless of whether Nagata got the ball rolling.

A web app to manage these would be pretty sweet.