GTASF Ranbat 1.0 Final Results

3S result plz…How much did Chris win by?

i won alpha 3! and won NO money…
orbit is a piece of shit

ps. fuck u adam for taking my 2nd place money!

Good old jedi mind tricks :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to abuse them on u when we played CvS2 :lovin:


Jigga held it down when the loot was on the line, good shit

edit 2:

Jeeeeeeeeez at that sentinel. Everything just fell into place perfectly lol.

chun li is cheap.


1st - Adam B. (Ken)
2nd - Phastestpig (Ken/Chun/Ryu)
3rd - Don (Yun/Yang)
4th - Chris (Ibuki/Akuma)
5th - DarkDragon (Chun)
5th - Gaijinblaze (Ken/Alex/Yang)
5th - JS Master (Chun)
5th - Yang (Ken/Chun)
9th - Boa (Chun)
9th - Burton (Twelve/Ken)
9th - Cruxay (Dudley)
9th - C-Royd (Ken/Dudley)
9th - DarkGiygas (Urien)
9th - Dice01 (Ken)
9th - Eric Hai (Ryu)
9th - RX50Cent (Urien)
17th - AneurysmX (Dudley)
17th - G3nn (Ken)
17th - Gerjay (Makoto)
17th - MythicExile (Ken)

Final Overall Rankings:

1st - Chris (55)
2nd - AdamB (31)
3rd - JS Master (28)
4th - Burton (20)
5th - Samir (18)
6th - RX50Cent (15)
7th - Gaijinblaze (13)
8th - Jack (10)
9th - Tek-Yun (8)
9th - King (8)
11th - C-Royd (7)
11th - Phastestpig (7)
13th - Don (5)

Total # of entrants: 36

Might post some thoughts later on. Or maybe not. Thanks to all for joining.

fuck you adam

lol How did Adam manage to over take JS in the rankings, he only entered like 4 tourneys?

I am still puzzled on why u guys counted points for the freaking team tourney, thats just stupid

CvS2 Results

5 player Round Robin:
Poke Guy: 4-0
JS: 3-1 (lost to pokeguy)
Mythic Exile: 2-2 (lost to pokeguy and js)
Noodleman: 1-3 (lost to pokey, js and Mythic Exile)
TigerLee: 0-4 (lost to pokey, js Mythic Exile, and noodleman)

Final results:

1st Poke Guy 47pts
2nd JS Master 34pts
3rd Noodleman 25 pts
4th Cyrus 13pts
5th Gerjay 8pts

i’d haf to thank brown guy for rigging the brackets hardcore every tournament :wgrin:

but den how did R_T_S_D get 0 Points wen he entered every tournament? :looney:

I have nobody to rig them for. I hate everyone equally!

I wanted the points to be halved or lowered in some way instead of full. Having that team one was a mistake to begin with, but it did bring 2 new entrants that might’ve otherwise not joined.

i was pissed as soon as i heard about it
its ranbats…as in single people pitting themselves against others…wtf is teams.
i showed my disdain to tommy and he said we’re just trying it out

also: random but… rtsd 10$ money match 3/5? lemme know i like your style

watever im just a pot fil-ler what do i know

note: i love you tommy

Tommy is the reason why Eric lost 2nd place. Hahahaha.

good shit jiggafree

If your mags is sick in the head maybe it could be for free but only Sanford Kelly is sick in the head in general so he takes the cake.

3s vids?

theres a couple, they’ll be up tonight

Only if you want to see scrub Uriens

jigga is lucky this is at orbit cause i would smack him 4 free anywhere else