GTASF Ranbat 1.6 Results

MvC2 (10 entrants):

  1. g3nn [10]

  2. The Jigga [7]

  3. Teddy [5]

  4. Adil [3]

  5. Sean

  6. Ryan

  7. Quan

  8. Gerjay

  9. Nagata

  10. Matt

  11. Jiggabry [42 points]

  12. g3nn [35 points]

  13. Gerjay [30 points]

  14. Teddy [17 points]

  15. Ryan [8 points]

  16. Joker [7 points]

  17. Quan [3 points]

  18. Adil [3 points]

wow explanations please



MvC2 (10 entrants):

  1. g3nn [10]
  2. The Jigga [7]
  3. Teddy [5]
  4. Adil [3]
  5. Sean
  6. Ryan
  7. Quan
  8. Gerjay
  9. Nagata
  10. Matt

hey good job jergay and EX asshole :rofl:

Hahahahahaha Wow, Matt you’ve been partying out too much man.

Yo if I may ask why did you canada guys decide to ditch out on the TGA tournament???

Seriously I was looking forward to THE HATNESS of Ed vs Matt’s Cocky HATE up in 3s.:rofl:

Gerjay lost to adil.

G3nn beat Bry simply because Justin is a fucking asshole and demanded that he use Team Clockwork.

Clockwork + MSCapcom = Future.


from the previous ranbat, Tylor beats JS for 1st place.

so from the previous ranbats:

1st Poke Guy
2nd JS
3rd Noodleman
4th Gerjay

After that, the points were added up and the current ranbat started.

and the results were:

1st Poke Guy (30 pts)
2nd JS (17 pts)
3rd Noodleman (17pts)
4th Gerjay (8pts)
5th WB
5th Nagata Lock II

Man, now that I think about it, should’ve tried to finish earlier and ran another one to catch up. Could’ve easily fit in 2 ranbats for 6 players.

I’m not gonna make any excuses for losing. I never win when I play at orbit so I dont even care really.


Ya fuck curt’s comments encouraging bry to play strider doom when hes not even good with strider (no offence to bry) . I dont care if hes the jigga he doesnt play the team enough to be top tier with it so it was utterly pointless to pick it in the first place.

Street Fighter Alpha 3 (10 entrants):

  1. JS Master (V-Sakura) [10]
  2. WB! (A-Gen, V-Akuma) [7]
  3. Nagata Lock II (A-Charlie, A-Chun-Li) [5]
  4. Psychochronic (V-Karin, V-Mika) [3]
  5. Phastestpig (A-Sakura, A-Zangief)
  6. Gerjay (A-Dhalsim)
  7. YellowS4 (V-Zangief)
  8. Poke Guy (A-Vega)
  9. Noodleman (V-Zangief)
  10. Darkgiygas (A-Chun-Li)


  1. JS Master [40]
  2. YellowS4 [21]
  3. Phastestpig [10]
  4. Psychochronic [9]
  5. Nagata Lock II [8]
  6. WB! [7]
  7. Gerjay [5]
    Poke Guy

the suspence is built for who gets 2nd in marvel…

and dont say nothin to justin, its not his fault i lost

Good job to Jamie for showing up to A3 and busting through the tourney. He came so close to first place. :tup:

Everyone bitching about me telling Bryan to use Clockwork can shut up. I didn’t force him into anything. We all knew that if Bryan couldn’t get it done with Clockwork that he’d use MSS anyway. Bryan made no excuses for himself so I don’t see why people are talking shit about the situation after the fact. He lost, he accepted it, everyone else should do.

I’m winning Alpha 3 next week. Fuck unknown Gen rape.

Who has two thumbs and can blow a 2-0 lead in a Grand Finals set? points to himself THIS GUY! Congrats to JS.

Highlight of the night for me though was winning a tourney match in 3S and getting an E+ grade. Proving once again that even when I win, I FAIL. :sad: :rolleyes: :wasted: :lol:

Who does this Mukai guy think he is? I’ll gladly play him for money in 3S and MvC2.

well you can call me your god and i’ll mm you in 3rd strike.

Wow why is everyone bitching at Justin for asking Bry to use Clockwork when he was up 2-0? And about “Bry sucks with Clockwork”… uh, has anyone ever seen me use Santhrax in a tourney before? If there was EVER a time for Bry to fuck around with Clockwork, THAT was it.

If there’s any reason I won it’s because the buttons on Bry’s side were a little fishy and Capcom assist > fishy buttons.


1st - JS Master (Chun)
2nd - AdamB (Ken)
3rd - Chris (Ibuki/Akuma)
4th - Gaijinblaze (Ken/Dudley)
5th - C-Royd (Dudley/Ken)
5th - DarkGiygas (Urien)
5th - Eric RTSD (Akuma/Ken)
5th - RX50Cent (Urien)
9th - Boa (Chun)
9th - Burton (Ken)
9th - DarkDragon (Chun)
9th - Eric Hai (Ryu)
9th - G3nn (Ken)
9th - Phastestpig (Ken)
9th - Samir (Yun/Ken)
9th - WB (Ibuki)
17th - Gerjay (Makoto)

Overall Rankings:

1st - Chris (45)
2nd - JS Master (28)
3rd - AdamB (21)
4th - Samir (18)
5th - Burton (17)
6th - RX50Cent (15)
7th - Gaijinblaze (13)
8th - Tek-Yun (8)
9th - C-Royd (7)
10th - King (3)

Thanks for participating. Videos at blog soon.

god what an asshole

I had no sleep that day, today though, you’re all going down!!!

Also, if this post is mysteriously deleted it means the above didn’t happen. . .

All about crying over brackets.

how do i beat poke guy in cvs2?

I just said what you yourself admitted, you are an asshole :slight_smile: