GTASF Ranbat 1.7 Results

MvC2 (12 players):

  1. g3nn [10]
  2. Ryan [7]
  3. Gerjay [5]
  4. Sean [3]
  5. Jigga
  6. Teddy
  7. Joker
  8. Matt
  9. Adil
  10. Jack
  11. Cyrus
  12. Quan

Overall Rankings:

  1. g3nn [45 points]
  2. Jiggabry [42 points]
  3. Gerjay [35 points]
  4. Teddy [17 points]
  5. Ryan [15 points]
  6. Joker [7 points]
  7. Sean [3 points]
  8. Adil [3 points]
  9. Quan [3 points]

Wow Gerjay’s jedi mind tricks back in the first two sessions are really coming back to haunt me :sad:

holy shit spiral guy is too good now

This is even more close than I originally thought with really odd scenarios:

  • Gerjay can place no worse than 3rd overall but has a chance to place as high as first if he beats Brian in winners semis and Bryan loses the 3rd place match as well.

  • If Bryan and Nathan go 1 & 2, g3nn will still get another crack at the win through a playoff

  • Sean will end up in the 8th seed this time, essentially being the biggest chance to play spoiler to Nathan right off the bat. That’ll probably be the biggest match for this entire RanBat as it concerns pressure on Gerjay and Bryan and it’ll be one of the first if not the first matches of the night.


This scenario also requires that I finish out of the points. :wasted:

No, Sean will be the 7TH seed (3 way tie of 3 points, which he breaks by finishing highest in the most recent session). I’ll update the Overall Rankings to reflect the exact seedings for the last Ranbat.

My bad… I should have mentioned that.

:rofl: No one wants to be in the path of Sean. Jiggabry may feel The Silent Wrath. Hmm… that’s not a bad nickname. :rofl:

ya for sure thats not a bad name at all

CVS2 Results:

1st JS Master [10]
2nd Poke Guy [7]
3rd Noodleman [5]
4th Mythic Exile [3]
5th Kymah
5th Gerjay (Forfeit)

Overall standings:
1st Poke Guy 37
2nd JS Master 27
3rd Noodleman 22
4th Gerjay 8
4th Mythic Exile 8

So basically what g3nn said is that it comes down to Quan or Adil beating him first round. Hmmm…


1st - Jack (Makoto)
2nd - Chris (Akuma/Ibuki/Ken/Urien)
3rd - King (Chun)
4th - Burton (Ken/Twelve)
5th - AneurysmX (Dudley) - DQed
5th - Don (Yun)
5th - Gerjay (Makoto)
5th - MythicExile (Ken)
9th - Carson (Makoto)
9th - Cruxay (Dudley)
9th - DarkGiygas (Urien)
9th - Eric RTSD (Akuma)
9th - Gaijinblaze (Ken/Yang)
9th - JS Master (Chun)
9th - RX50Cent (Urien)
9th - Yang (Ken)
17th - Boa (Chun)
17th - Brilliantnaoki (Elena)
17th - C-Royd (Dudley)
17th - DarkDragon
17th - Dice01 (Ken)
17th - G3nn (Ken)
17th - Hugo Anthony (Hugo)
17th - Kymah (Yun/Ken)
17th - Phastestpig (Ken)

Overall Rankings:

1st - Chris (52)
2nd - JS Master (28)
3nd - AdamB (21)
4th - Burton (20)
5th - Samir (18)
6th - RX50Cent (15)
7th - Gaijinblaze (13)
8th - Jack (10)
9th - Tek-Yun (8)
9th - King (8)
11th - C-Royd (7)

Nice turnout, thanks to all who attended for making it that way. Fucken Jack! :annoy:

I beat teddy in 2 games of Marvel.

:confused: WTF is Jack? Another DTFL import? :confused:

He’s from Waterloo apparently. Been around for a while but rarely joins tournaments. For some reason I had randomly remembered Jack like the day before the ranbat (and some other guy who’s good with blue Urien but had never joined a tourney either), wondering what happened to them.

If he had played Antoine in quarterfinals like he was supposed to, the results could’ve been different. Jack also eliminated me if that wasn’t obvious (edit: from the emoticon).

Jack is just more Waterloo god-tier thnx.

Yea Jack is too good, I could never beat him. But I heard he graduated so I guess that makes me 2nd best in loo once again…behind g3nn

Wrong pocket.

A3 results:
… Then everyone else.

I wana play g3nn!

Blog updated and the 3s vids are up now, sorry for the wait.



not actually sorry

hahahahah chun’s av is too good.

and cyrus should train gerjay before every tourny.

Which match has my line “why don’t you get a real camera?” in it?