GTASF RanBat 2.0 (CvS2/MvC2/3S) - biweekly

Season 2 starts up in two weeks.

GAMES: Capcom vs SNK 2, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

DATE: Every 2nd Friday starting May 18th (Check the GTASF Tourney Calandar)

TIME: 7:00pm


FORMAT: 2/3 Falls Single Elimination. There is a MANDATORY 8 player requirement in effect. The format is to create a quick environment for the tournaments so players can get back to either casual or regular friday evening plans.

ENTRY: There is a one time $10 fee PER GAME to enter the ranbats. After that you only pay for your games. The entries will be held by ORBIT management until the end of the RanBat session.

POINT SYSTEM: 1st = 10 points, 2nd = 7 points, 3rd = 5 points, 4th = 3 points. The points not only go towards overall ranking but determine ranks at the next tournament two weeks later.

PRIZE PAYOUT: The $10 entry fee will go into a prize pool. The pooled money will be given out at the end of the RanBat session in a 70/20/10 distribution.

This thread will be updated through the four month period.

A few lessons were learned from the first RanBat season:

  • ORBIT staff can not be trusted to hold collected money. I would suggest the tournament director hold the envelope and have someone sign off for it every RanBat session if new money has been added.

  • While a fun idea, using a Team Tournament format contributing to single points will not be permitted this season. With 3rd Strike being the only game where this idea was put to use, I think it’s in the best interest of the players to make the next RanBat (3.0) all teams from start to finish as a change of pace.

  • The up and down situation with CvS2 and Alpha 3 showed there isn’t enough sustained interest in those games over the course of four months. As such, CvS2 will have an eight player rule in effect on the first week and if the players do not come out for it on the first day, the tournament will be scrapped.

Side note…

Dogberry will be removing Super Turbo and Alpha 3 from ORBIT within the next couple of weeks. They were a very generous donation, of which we are all very appreciative. With their impending removal, Alpha 3 was removed from the RanBat list as there’s no certainty that it will remain at ORBIT over the span of the season.

Good luck to everyone in the upcoming season.

So who’s running 3s this time?

Fuck Orbit! haha.

K, need a dual running season at LG. Time to retire A3, I’m tired of getting 2nd place.

Pui/Nazir; have you guys considered running a RanBat at Getty on the same day as the ORBIT RanBats? The cross game players is slim to none and it would be a good incentive for the GG community to get on board with Accent Core.

I would rather have the entire community consider Ranbats at LG instead. It’s time for a change no? Definitely people can see it’s better than orbit. The 3S guys will be happy because they have 3 machines there which are always working. There’s 1 MvC2 cab there so not much of a difference. Some additions are GGAC and MBAC. It is a much more convenient place to do ranbats. They don’t have CvS2 but how many ranbats did it pull off in Season 1, maybe 2 or 3?

The cross game players is growing, many 3S guys are playing GGAC/MBAC. And many GG people are playing 3S now.

Just my 2c.

This is actually a very good idea. I’m not entering this RanBat session as I’m winding down so objectively speaking this is probably the best bet to get the most players in one spot.

The downside is that while Getty is convenient for many people west of the 404, if you are south or east of the 404 then it can be a bit trying to get to. Getty’s also go to fix their Marvel cabinet (which is complete trash IMO) before that segment of players would be happy playing there.

Yeah I think GGAC ranbats would be a great idea, I would definitely join. My only request would be that they start no later than 7:00.

P.S Orbit >>> Lovegety :lol:

Lol Jigga Gets Owned Again For Loot Lol!!!

sounds like a good idea =D
but they dont have cvs2… and you probably cant convince him to get it considering how the community is dying… and yes their mvc2 is shit lol
and u’ll probably end up eating k-bbq every other week coz thats the only good thing around. lol
i’ll talk to him about it next week…
meanwhile, decide if you guys actually want ALL ranbats at lovegety.

jigga votes for american style ranbats with a losers bracket for marvel

people who bus it to orbit are screwed :s … but i vote to ghetty


Cause you can’t get to Ghetty by TTC, only GO and York regional go by it IIRC.

So are the people who host the other games happy having sticks/buttons broken every night and all that crap that goes on with Orbit? Or maybe you guys want to give an opinion on this situation. Best to decide early so that we tell lovegety manager since he has no idea of ranbats at the moment.

I’m sure the 3S community is at least considering it. I mean…3 3S cabinets! :wow:

Has anyone tried that big cabinet with A3 at Lovegety? Does it work like the normal arcade version, and have event mode?

Err, there’s an A3 cab? Don’t tell me it’s the emu cab.

Yeah it’s that one. That’s why I asked, I don’t know how it functions, but if it were just like the regular arcade then I figured it could be a ranbat game. Not a big fan of projection screens though.

im pretty sure its a PC or something inside it running roms

It’s shit. It’s the same thing Orbit used to have.

join cvs2 guys!
JS Master will offer free lessons of how to play rush away to ne one who’s joining
and noodle man will offer lessons on how to RC electricity!!
once in a life time chance guys! :wgrin: