GTASF RanBat 3.1 Results

The first ever Double Elimination RanBats. Changes will have to be made to accomodate the extra time needed.

  1. Gerjay
  2. JS
  3. Ryan
  4. Shaun

Gerjay [10]
JS [7]
Ryan [5]
Shaun [3]

JS tried to run RanBats for 3S, but not enough people there.

Gerjay loses his first matchup with JS but comes back in Losers to beat JS in 2 sets.

wtf where was lord magnus

Lord Magnus got 12 points for beating the computer at his house.

Whoa, no 3S ranbats? I paid JS 10 bucks. . . I didn’t even notice. I’m not gonna forget Eric, so don’t try to scam your way out of paying me back lord magnus style :stuck_out_tongue:

PS - THANK GOD for double elimination. I went from first round no points to g3nn level points. JS first round is bs. Also… I won with MSP :slight_smile:

I’m never going to a ranbat unless Lord Magnus makes an appearance

How long did this take to run?

The RanBat took 2 and 1/2 hours for a 7 man double elimination tournament. With all due respect from someone who’s not playing, that’s got to change. If the RanBats pull in an ideal 16 players (realistic posotive number would be 12) you’re looking at a 6 hour Marvel tournament. I would highly suggest

  1. You guys get Event Mode

  2. Use both cabinets

  3. Start on time

If you feel the 2nd cabinet isn’t up to tournament standards, use the cabinet, isolate the problems and get it repaired. Ky is a very accomodating tech and should be able to help you within a reasonable amount of time. You can get the best of both worlds with a quick tourney and double elimination with a little work.

I dunno what the change guy’s name is, but he doesn’t understand english.

We have tried to get him to fix it several times on the SAME day, and once one thing was fixed another thing was screwed up.

Today the cab seemed fine, DE RanBats should be able to run on both cabs now.

Moral of my post, the change guy is a fuckin retard.

:rofl: Good old orbit. :rolleyes: