GTASF @ Scarborough Town Centre Mega Tournament (CvS2/MvC2/3S)

Great turnout. Too bad so many of the new kids missed it.

CAPCOM VS SNK 2 (25 Entrants)
1st - Mr. K
2nd - Andy Lam
3rd - Nguyen Luu
4th - Dennis Wong
5th - Kymah
5th - Ratio1beatdown
7th - JS Master
7th - Omnidragon
9th - Znzf
9th - MythicExile
9th - Krasshole
9th - Sauvastika
13th - Tigerlee
13th - Angel Of Rage
13th - Dogberry
13th - Gerjay
17th - Techrock
17th - ArcticNinja
17th - Fronar
17th - Wolfy
17th - Hihihi
17th - DaflipmastaXV
17th - The (1)ne
17th - Kousel
25th - Xpac786

MARVEL VS CAPCOM 2 (23 Entrants)
1st- Darkdragon
2nd- DaFlipMastaXV
3rd- Nick Chu
4th- JS Master
5th- Azn Strider
5th- Dr. Y Cleaner
7th- Gerjay
7th- Danny Troung
9th- OmniDragon
9th- TechRock
9th- Ming
9th- Krasshole
13th- Roc
13th- Salmon Mohammed
13th- Dragon Punch
13th- JiggaBry
17th- Shadowfighta
17th- Dennis Wong
17th- Kymah
17th- Mike Cheung
17th- Dogberry
17th- Cammy_Rulz
17th- ArcticNinja

1st - Vmct
2nd - Pocari Sweat
3rd - Angry Black
4th - Adam B.
5th - AneurysmX
5th - Arctic Ninja
7th - Hyt
7th - Travis
9th - Kymah
9th - Dogberry
9th - Tigerlee
9th - Gerjay
13th - Krasshole

Makes me wish I wasn’t retired. How hard is it to find Wizard’s Castle on the STC directory?

Thanks for the Arby’s.

andy got waaay better

Fuckin doom.

Was this shit even posted in the tournaments section? :confused:

I would’ve came out if I knew. Scrubs. =/

was this on arcade or console. Do not tell me there is an arcade at stc with mvc2, I coulda been reaching there this summer fuckkk

I couldn’t even find the fucking place in the store directory so I thought people were scamming me

fuck me

good shit angry black

too bad i was working today

Jay, you only went for the Arby’s!!! shit son, you could have won that 3S…with a rose this time!

Good shit DarkDragon… Too bad i was busy today, ro else i would of played in Marvel, what a great turnout!

This tourney was the greatest tourney ever. Although, it did seem a lot like M2. . .

lool at the noobs


one way to revive the scene would be to entice new ppl to come. one way to do that would be to tell them where it is.

It’s not hard to mapquest Scarborough Town Centre. It wasn’t like it was in a random house.

wtf scarborough town center has an arcade AGAIN??
The old one that closed had exactly the same name so i thought this was some prank
oh well, i wouldnt of came anyway

wasn’t the old one called games maximus? yorkdale was wizard’s.

wish i didn’t miss this

was nice seeing a bunch of old face again.

on tuesday im going to go to stc and find this magical mystical Imaginary wizards castle that doesn’t even exist. So assuming there actually is an arcade at stc. Is it on the first floor or second floor?