GTASF Season Opener @ Orbit

Only Marvel was run (due to lack of people and lack of directors for other games). Lots of new blood, lots of low tier madness… no Jingleberry.

12 entrants.

  1. g3nn
  2. Lawrence
  3. Joker
  4. Deathfist
  5. Roger
  6. Chun (forfeited from tourney)
  7. Lord Magnus
  8. Crowbar
  9. KC
  10. I Lose
  11. Peters
  12. Ryan

Congratulations to Nathan on his tournament win.

I should have figured CvS2 wouldn’t get off the ground without me/Eric/Cyrus to direct.

I hope September’s monthly has everyone participating. When’s it going to be?

it really had nothing to do with a lack of directors… I was willing to step up, however, there weren’t even 7 CVS2 players there :looney:

This must be the result of biased bracketting. I mean I played lord magnus in 3 money matches after at Lessards house and I won all 3 of them. Don’t get me wrong, Lord Magnus is still the best and the future of sauga, na na scratch that. He is the future of MARVEL. He must of had to play some god tier player first round or something.

I call shenanigans.

Ryan? aka spiral user guy? how did that come in last? did he just choke? from all this “low tier madness” i can’t imagine how that guy can come in last like that. thats if im thinkin of the right guy in the first place.

Props to G3nn for winning the tourny.

Props to Parerick for taking third though second was a realistic possibility.

You should put my team next to my name :lol:

Doesn’t matter.
If he beats u even once in casual, hes better than you.

lmfao, reminds me of someone I knew…

I actually seeded him pretty high, and he finished around where he was seeded. He lost to Roger (no surprise) and Chun (who just ran away all game… but no surprise either).

I was going to, but I couldnt remember what teams you used. What were they?

Yup, he was up 2-0… before Wolverine Tornado Columned 3 clutch wins.

Haha the MSN Marvel gossip whoring never ceases to amaze me.

Yes, Ryan is Spiral guy. He went two and out. He lost to Crowbar (Megaman/Iceman/Commando) and Lord Magnus.

I don’t like talking about stuff like this… but he beat me a few times in casual before the tourney (probably the same way he beat JS and whoever else he bragged about beating… because of RUST, as I’ve barely played since T7). After the tourney (a little unrusted), I beat him 19 times straight barely losing a character.

Casual means nothing. Playing trap teams people havent practiced against in 4 years doesnt make you good. Beating good players a few times while their rusty, doesnt make you better than them, or doesnt even mean you’re slightly good. Ryan is nice enough to me, but if what I heard is true, he shouldn’t be talking about who he’s better than until he accomplishes something more than a couple of flukey casual wins. If what I heard ISNT true, then no hard feelings and good luck to him in getting better. I gave him a good seeding to be unbiased, but he finished where I expected.

Well I used a bunch of stupid teams against you in GF since I knew I was gonna lose anyway. Although I did come close with chunli/storm/cammy :rofl: . But yeah I think I only won matches with rogue/storm/psylocke and wolverine/storm/psylocke.

Man, although I saw some of those Spiral matches, and no, he wasn’t good, it’s to be expected that he would win a few times. Concerning the whole “I beat you in casual, so I’m better than you” mentality, yes, it’s stupid as hell, but saying “casual means nothing” is like saying “daily life means nothing”. There may not be a whole lot on the line, but the same people who win in casuals versus good players are the same ones who place top in tourneys. Casuals mean a LOT of the players aren’t fucking around. And let’s not forget that Street Fighter was founded on “casual”. People don’t want to get kicked off the machine, and most good players will fight to the end to make sure they don’t. I’ve never seen shitty players run the machine in casuals, that’s my point. And if anything, tournament matches mean less than a long casual streak. Consistency is the key to skill, not getting lucky in some tournament. Consistently winning tourneys? That’s a whole other level…the ultimate level.

EDIT: g3nn, you’re being unrealistic when you say he’s not even “slightly good”. Unless you were fucking around, you can’t call a player who beats you (even) a few times in casual garbage. Even if you ARE rusty. That shit doesn’t happen.

EDIT2: And you’re discrediting your 19 game winning streak versus him by saying “casual means nothing”. If it doesn’t, there your claims of dominance are meaningless. You either accept that casual DOES mean something, or you don’t

Almost nothing you said has any merit.

  • Casual and daily life is an utterly stupid analogy. Most people play for fun and for recreation. Daily life is full of school, work, bills, relationships that are not fun nor recreation. Thinking that you can correlate the two is beyond stupid.
  • Did I say “getting lucky at some tournament” means anything? No. Don’t mention things I didnt say as counter arguments.
  • Winning when the pressure is on and money is on the line means infinitely more than winning for the sake on a token. Every casual game I play, I usually have to remind myself to win about 3/4 into the game. I’m not necessarily “fucking around,” but Im also not playing anywhere near my best. This goes for most of the best players at any game.
  • The people who win in casual are often the ones who place in tournies, but NOT always. I can name at least half a dozen people who dominate casual (in several different games) but refuse to enter tournies because they got tired of getting their ass handed to them.
  • I have seen PLENTY of shitty players run the machine. Sometimes its due to random luck (inherent in SF), rust, broken sticks and/or arrogance or lack of interest from the other side. But it happens, everyone has seen it… it’s not my fault that you havent.
  • Lots of good players have lost bunches of matches to terrible opponents. Another fact that any good player can verify, including myself… again, not my fault that you’re ignorant of this.

By mentioning what happened before and after (losing a couple of times vs winning 19 times) was an example of what impact RUST can have… NOT the significance of casual. Casual is equally insignificant in both cases, but the difference between the two scenarios proves something else. Stop trying to poke holes in my logic as if you know anything at all about what you’re talking about.

You have no background on this discussion and you’re not even close to being an authority on Marvel. And your comments clearly show you know and understand very little about anything in general. My comments were in response to a person claiming he was better than most of the top TOSF Marvel players after winning a few games against rusty or retired competition. Despite not having this background, you’re welcome to interject with your opinion on my comments… but please, try to make your points slightly less dismissable. All you ended up saying was a bunch of stuff anyone who’s been around an arcade for 20 minutes would disregard as nonsense.

lol my post was extremely sarcastic. . . . See lord magnus thinks he is better than everyone except Jigga

g3nn wins the thread. even though he’s a backpedaller.

It was a fun tourny,… heh got owned by wolvies clutch games.

I can’t believe Lord Magnus didnt win after he claimed to be 2nd best in Sauga AND Bry didnt show.

This Ryan guy must be the TOSF Lord Magnus. We should set up a money match.