GTASF's "TGA got ruined by life noobs" Tourney

MvC2 (11 entrants):

  1. The Jigga
  2. Ryan
  3. g3nn
  4. Gerjay
  5. Sean
  6. Roger
  7. Joker
  8. Quan
  9. ClockJr
  10. Adil
  11. Ceto

Jeeez Ryan Owns That Shit!!!

What happened to the Lord? :frowning:

I did like 20 normal jump nuthings, best tourney ever!!

I got ORBIT scammed out of $20

BTW who is that brown kid that wears sunglasses in the arcade? That guy would not shut up while I was playing. He wasn’t even trash talking me, he just kept talking to me and tapping me on the shoulder every time something happened on the screen. I was like WTF and told him to shut the fuck up (no exaggeration). At least he shut his mouth… then Crowbar beat me.


whose ClockJr ??

It was Anant in disguse. Oh shi-

yeah that guy used to go to fairview, hes a little on the nuts side!..

  • Toronto’s marvel scene is getting off the hook t8 going to be too hype…
  • Ryan was completely unstoppable holy shit… the future nuff said :wasted:
  • Orbit cables for the win… :sad:

He’s a little douche that should never be allowed in Orbit again.

I had to tell him “Stop touching me you fuckin fag” before he stopped doing that shoulder tap shit.

He stroked my shoulder when I lost my streak. Key word - stroked.

Ryan beasted on me/g3nn and apparently everybody else, pretty impressive.

It appears that he has beat u guys a few times now!

That brown kid… can’t stand him. One time shaun and me walked home from orbit and right when we got onto shaun street that guy pulls up in his car and smiles at us and was like “I found you” and then he wouldn’t leave for like 5 minutes. He does have a touching problem, he loves to touch ur back, u gotta tell him to fuck off. at least you guys he just bothers u at orbits, one time that brown kid went to visit shaun while shaun was at work. thats fucked

that will one of the first few and last time i play at orbit … something is horrendously wrong when my sentinel is my better character on my team :rofl:

not taking away or making excuses for anything, you guys are beasts, hopefully I can redeem myself on console at T8 :sad: , would have stayed longer to watch stuff or “try” to play more casuals but was on a tight time constraint, don’t take it personally if I just dissapeared or ran out fast. TO mvc2 scene looking stronger and definetely 10X more alive then in mtl.

Another victim of the Jap sticks.

Congrats to those who placed

Too bad TGA didn’t go down hopefully you guys can come through some other time.
Keep beastin


Sounds like a Funland kind of guy.

that guy was a fairview scrub who likes to connect sent’s air super whenever he gets the chance