GTASF's "The Return of JS Master's Mom" Tournament

Aka The “Geese is Banned – Geese gives up on Orbit… Life soon to follow” Tournament.

Saturday September 16th

Registration begins at 1:00. All games begin at 3:00pm.

Orbit Entertainment Centre - Pacific Mall
Markham, Ontario

MvC2, CvS2, 3S, GGXX Slash

$5 for all games.

Best 2/3 matches, Double Elimination bracket. Typical Tournament Rules apply; details available upon request.

  • I will be running MvC2, Cyrus CvS2, DarkDragon 3S and X-Sapphire for Slash. Talk to the appropriate afore-mentioned director for issues regarding a specific game… talk to me for issues regarding the tournament as a whole.

So, to get this shit started…

$5 on Quan vs Ryan (Spiral guy). Takers?

“The Return of JS Master’s Mom”

Wtf can someone say about that … LMAO !!!

I’ll bet on Spiral guy as well $5 anyone… sry Quan … we will still do our mm’s to …

My only goal for this tournament is not to place last in Slash.

Not sure if I’m even joining CvS2.

I’ll play Ryan for $1 matches.

count me + 2 friends in

ok boys
same deal as always
i want money matches:
ian/justin in cvs2 (other people post if u want MM’s with me i’ll say yes/no)
g3nn in 3s (since he wants revenge from the “scrub”, same rule as above applies)
see u all there (and at the york thing on 7th)

mythic exile: $5 2/3 u haf a chance to win since i haven’t played in china

spiral guy: $5 2/3, i’ll give u handicap by mirror matching u

4/7 for $20.

Ian; if I beat Cyrus I’ll roll it over and play you for the same amount. If I lose then no match.

Before anyone asks, no I am not accepting any other money matches.

why isn’t the banning listed as part of the rules?
or is that covered under “Typical Tournament Rules apply”

5 or 10 dollars and Ill random select my team

i dont like long winded games
2/3 for 10 plz

and roger 2/3 for 5 u random select. done.

cyrus must’ve won the lottery or something.

Revised 3s and Madden.

Mo is a ‘faguet’

no but i saved 15% on my car insurance by switching to geicko

but seriously i havent been able to leave my house past 2 weeks, so yea. lots of backlog.

aww I wanna play spiral guy.

hey i dunno how long i’ve been using spiral for but its getting to be a little boring so i think i might switch teams. i’ll still keep spiral around to use but i’m going to try to make one of my other teams my best instead.

JS Master’s mom will not be returning in time for this tournament! Cancelled.

Just kidding, just kidding. We’ll just go with the other name: “Geese is Banned – Geese gives up on Orbit… Life soon to follow”.

don’t make fun of geese like that, he’s complete crap in SF, but he wins at life…Right?

Green MM in CvS2 damit !!