GTS: Great Teacher Soo (Magneto/Storm) MvC2

GTS: Great Teacher Soo

I get asked alot of questions about Magneto, Storm, and Magneto/Storm based teams. I thought this would be a more appropriate way to answer your questions. Ask away.

Is tron better than psy for M/S/Anotha?

Is chun li the hottest character in the game?

Do you love me?

Mag/Tron is WAY more damaging than Mag/Psy. Tron’s projectile can serve as an anti-air, bringing Sent’s short fly to an end. On the other hand, Mag/Tron isn’t for everyone. Although Mag/Tron has potential to be great, nothing beats Mag/Psy.

Chun-Li is fuckable, but not the hottest.

Yes, I love you.

hey i was wondering about some of magz reset combos, besides c.hp sj hk dash d/f lk lk land dash under lk + psy aaa lk. any help w/ magz combos would be good because i don’t know too many magnito combos.

Whats the best way to beat a sent with magneto?

Do you bait the unflies to you can capitalize on his aaa or the damn robot himself{when he runs out}?

Help out here, i have some ideas but i hear you are so dope with mag/psy you have this sick gameplan vs sent…

Oh yeah, how do you kill storm with mag? i turtle my way in:p


Jab rushes after a superjump are extremely good. You get more hits in the air so people have to guess better when to hit down to block. Besides, you can always whiff a s.lp if you know they’ll crouch and throw their ass.

when i see alot of top M/S/AAA players play, they hardly use storm assist. its always the AAA who comes out… why not use storms assist more often?

I would guess it all depends on the sitiuation when to bring her assist out. BC i know ive played MSP teams that try to abuse storms assist and they eat AHVB or HSF. So i would think staing on top of your opponent would be a safe way to throw her assist out.

My question for you Soo is this. When using storm what is a great way to get the max hits of her LS. Ive notice that in the regular magic series combo the hits can be 18-20 and other times it could be 23-25. So why is that and sometimes it is with out mashing. Also her tri jump is it better to do xx a regular jump or a Super jump.

Soo or mixup :

I have trouble doing storm’s guard break (sj, lk, dash down lk) when my oponent takes the first hit, when I try to dash down and hit lk, he can block it. Do I have to dash forward instead of down ??

one more thing, why is it that sometimes you can’t connect a after a triangle jump with lk, that shit happens a lot VS cable :mad:

P.S: I hope you know who doesn’t clause this thread because there is no mvc2 in the topic :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

ey soo, wat did u mean when u said trons proj. assist can act as an anti air? isnt it kinda short ranged? cant sent just kick her out of that?

Desmond’s Sent was giving you problems at NEC3??

everyones sent there was nasty:lol:

The best way for me to beat Sent with Magneto all depends on how the opposition plays Sent. But in general, I ADVOID playing an air game with Sent. Sent kills anyone in the air. What I do is get underneath Sent while he’s flying, or jumping, and the possibilities from there are unlimited (GB, cross-up with Psy, ect.)

You can punish Sent’s AAA, and Sent himself. Call out Storm’s projectile, which will most likely hit Sent’s AAA, and rushdown Sent. You can have Sentinel blocking so much, with the help of Storm’s projectile, that Sent won’t even get a chance to call out an assist.

To kill Storm with Mag, is similar as Mag vs Sent. Don’t chase her in the air. Wait for her to reach ground, and rush them down with Mags. If they are expecting you to them down (meaning they will block back), just do c. short short+psy.

It’s best to keep Storm’s combos to a minimum. It takes more damage that way. I rarely do launch, combo into lightning attack and super. Storm’s resets are too good with Mag-a for me to not use. And about her triangle jump. Normal jump with short is probably the best one. And like Gandido said, her sj. rushdown with jab is nearly unstoppable. If it hits, it hits QUICKER, if they block, it makes them block quicker so they don’t have any time to call out AAA on you.

Storm’s GB’s are as unlimited as Mag’s GBs. In the corner, I have a personal favorite. As they come out, sj. RH, dash d/f RH (connects), c. short standing jab, short RH. OR, sj. jab, dash d/f, lightning attack up (which will hit) into super.

About your triangle jump with lk not connecting to the standing or crouching lk, that prbably because you are hitting short too quickly. You need to be closer to the ground. Storm’s sj. triangle jump with lk is POINTLESS. Do normal jump triangle jumps with lk, and sj. triangle jumps with jab.

I’ve experimented with this before. If Sent is short flying, I would dash up to him, call out Tron assist, and just block. Sent would be in fly mode, calls out CapCom, and this is what happened. CapCom got hit before he can do his cheesy anti-air (he also lost 35% life in the process), Sent got sucked in by Tron’s projectile when he tried to do a short while in fly mode. Tron’s projectile has a weakness, and that’s range obviously. But with Mags, you’re not supposed to be playing an away game anyway. Mag/Tron is killer.

i have a question as to y u say the sj lk tri jump is pointless… i mean… that’s what i see everybody doin in the arcades and in the tourney vids n stuff… y specifically normal jump lk tri jump?? and the sj tri jump with jab too… does it have any advantage over the lk version???

and could u post some of your storm/mag-A resets here too??? thanx a lot fer yur help


EDIT: nevermind i read gandido’s post about the sj jab thing… but plz answer the rest of the questions… thanx

hey thx soo.

I’ll keep workin at it:D

would there be any reason for you to start Storm in front of Magneto?
Is Storm’s infinite on regular characters ideal in a match?
Who’s would you rather have fighting a cable: Mag or Storm?
and why?
Same question for sent.

Normal jump triangle jump with lk comes out faster than sj. lk. Plus, with normal jump lk’s, you don’t have to worry about the c. lk or standing lk connecting after your rushdown with lk has connected. Plus, believe it or not, normal jump rushdown with lk has more range than sj. lk. I’ll post some Storm resets with Mag-a later.